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Ask anybody if they like saving money and if they say “no,” make sure they heard your question correctly. Saving money comes in all shapes and sizes: coupons, sales, and our favorite—used vehicles. If a New Jersey used truck dealer is what you’re looking for, then look no further than Richard Lucas Chevrolet. We’re both a used truck dealer and located in New Jersey—a perfect match. Shopping for a used truck is often a better idea than shopping for a new one, and this is for a couple of reasons—more choices and better prices.

If there’s one facet of the industry that manufacturers are arguably fighting each other the hardest over, it’s pickup trucks. After all, the Ford F-150 isn’t just the best-selling pickup truck in America; it’s the best-selling vehicle, period. So, with the immense success that trucks receive and the sheer volume of people who keep buying pickup trucks, there’s a lot to uncover when shopping for a used model. Here are five used truck models that we here at Richard Lucas Chevy believe are your best options in terms of value, capability, and power.

#5 The GMC Canyon

The GMC Canyon is an easy recommendation for a couple of reasons. Not only is it GMC’s most cost-effective truck on the lineup of new models, but models as far back as 2017 offer three identical powertrain configurations. This means you’ll be saving money and won’t be missing out on any performance gains that a newer model would suggest. The three powertrains mentioned include a 2.5L I-4, 3.6L V6, and a turbodiesel 2.8L I-4 engine. With the base engine, there are two transmissions to select from, a 6-speed automatic or a 6-speed manual for drivers who prefer the latter.

You can’t go wrong with either three of these engines—the base engine performs exceptionally well, given the price, with its 200 horsepower and 191 lb-ft of torque. The available V6 engine pushes the envelope further with 308 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque—a 54% and 44% increase, respectively. Expectedly, the benefits of the turbodiesel engine include far better fuel efficiency and the Canyon’s ability to tow a maximum capacity of 7,700 lbs. However, drivers looking to tow more than this, but are dedicated to getting a GMC truck, are encouraged to purchase something with more power, such as the Sierra 1500, or if you need a lot of extra kick, then the Sierra HD is your best bet.

#4 The Toyota Tacoma

The Tacoma is an old favorite within Toyota’s lineup, having been part of the Toyota lineage since the mid-1990s. There have only been three generations of the Tacoma, so it’s safe to say that purchasing a Tacoma released as long as seven years ago means it won’t stray too far from the kind of experience the newest Tacoma offers. With this in mind, looking at Tacoma models from 2015 onwards will ensure pique performance and a more robust set of features. If you’re able to get a 2015 Tacoma, you’ll be satisfied with the experience as long as your heart isn’t set on a modern infotainment center complete with amenities such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. For those types of features, you’ll want something newer. To the dismay of many, the Tacoma didn’t feature Apple CarPlay and Android Auto until the release of the 2020 model.

Regardless of a less robust infotainment experience, the Tacoma can still perform admirably well. Using a 2015 Tacoma as an example, there are two available powertrains: a 2.7L I-4 and a much stronger 4.0L V6 engine. This V6 engine creates 236 hp and 266 lb-ft of torque and sports a maximum towing capacity of 6,500 lbs. Over the next few years, this engine would see incremental upgrades, such as with the 2017 Tacoma, where it creates 278 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque, which is where it still stands today, along with its slightly improved towing capacity of 6,800 lbs.

#3 The Chevy Colorado

The Chevy Colorado is an important part of Chevy’s lineup. While it’s not the best-selling truck the manufacturer produces, it fills the gap for customers looking for a quality Chevy truck that won’t necessarily break the bank. The Colorado also wasn’t designed as an alternative for those looking for a Silverado because shoppers with a Silverado or Silverado HD in mind will likely know that the type of performance they’re looking for will cost them some more money. Recommending the Colorado can be broken down into a couple of categories—trucks designed before the Colorado’s hiatus and ones created after. The Chevy Colorado skipped a year in the United States and wouldn’t return until the release of the 2015 Colorado. If you’re shopping for a used model, this is the place to start.

Not only will a 2015 Colorado save you a decent amount of money, but it can be fitted with a powerful 3.6L V6 engine paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission. The power output this V6 powertrain possesses gives the Colorado 305 hp and 269 lb-ft of torque. This engine saw a small uptick in performance in later models, such as with its 308 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque in the 2020 Colorado, and was eventually met with an optional turbodiesel 2.8L I-4 engine. This is excellent news for anybody who wants a cost-effective truck with a diesel-powered engine.

#2 The Chevy Silverado 1500

What’s there to say about the Chevy Silverado 1500 that hasn’t been said before? It’s an exceptionally well-put-together pickup truck that has earned a fair share of accolades over the years. Its most notable accolade out of the bunch, however, is its stature as the second best-selling pickup truck in the United States. People who want one of the best pickup trucks to have ever existed, but prefer not to buy a Ford truck, are immensely encouraged to pick up a Silverado 1500.

The Silverado 1500 has been evolving alongside its sibling, the GMC Sierra, and receives generational upgrades around the same time. With the latest generation being the 2019 model, this is a great place to start, although older models certainly wouldn’t be a waste of your money either. A perfect example of this is the 2017 Silverado, where a standard V6 engine can be swapped out with one of two V8 engines: a 5.3L or 6.2L. On the highest-end, the 2017 Silverado can output 420 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque, and as a bonus, Silverado models released as far back as 2016 were equipped standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. As a reminder, these two features weren’t available on the Tacoma in any capacity until 2020, meaning Chevy has done a tremendous job at keeping its lineup up to date.

#1 The Ford F-150

We arrive at the Crème de la crème of used trucks for New Jersey drivers—the Ford F-150. The Ford F-150 has many similarities with the Silverado, and in fact, they’re two of the closest competitors in the entirety of the industry. However, the numbers don’t lie, and the sales numbers show that the F-150 is the best-selling vehicle in the United States. This is a tremendous feat for Ford, but it’s also worth noting that this success is wholly warranted. The F-150 is one of the most feature-rich vehicles you can buy and one of the most powerful for its price. And the F-150 is widely available thanks to the sheer amount of models that have been produced, even in the last decade.

The F-Series of pickup trucks have been around since shortly after the Second World War. Since then, numerous generational leaps have been made, with the most recent beginning with the 2021 model year. The preceding generation, the thirteenth, lasted for half of a decade, and if you’re planning on shopping for a used truck this year, then this is the range of model years you should keep an eye out for. Something consistent with the F-150 is the variety of powertrains you can opt for. A perfect example of this is the four available powertrains that you can opt for with the 2015 model, two of which are twin-turbocharged V6 engines, and another is a V8. In the succeeding years, performance would take another massive leap with the introduction of the F-150 Raptor. Raptor models come with a twin-turbocharged V6 engine with impressive performance metrics, bringing the performance levels to 450 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque with the 2020 model, but this enticing upgrade is undoubtedly a costly one.

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