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When your business is thriving and you’re on the go, no two days are alike. That’s why you need a sturdy and reliable vehicle to help you exceed your customers’ expectations, and one of the best options in the industry is a commercial van. As the top used commercial vehicle dealer in the area, Richard Lucas Chevrolet knows what businesses need in order to offer their clients unmatched service. That’s why we recommend shopping from our exceptional inventory of used commercial vehicles to find the right options for your fleet, all for a price that fits into your bottom line. Certain industries require certain types of vehicles, and if you’re wondering which commercial van is right for your moving/delivery business, let us help with a few of our favorites.

Chevy Express Cargo Van

One of the best options available is the Chevy Express Cargo Van, which showcases immense strength, as well as favorable versatility, which appeals to many types of businesses, especially those in the moving and delivery industry. With an available diesel engine, impressive towing and payload capabilities, as well as an interior that can be customized to meet your needs, this van is a top pick for many businesses. Standard rear swing-out doors and an available sliding side cargo door make it easy to load and unload the Express, enhancing the day’s productivity. Multiple configurations are available to make the most out of the interior space. So, whether you’re looking to outfit this van with shelving for the items you’re delivering, or you wish to keep a wide-open space for moving goods for your clients, anything is possible in the Chevy Express Cargo Van.

GMC Savana Cargo Van

The GMC Savana Cargo Van is a great commercial vehicle to have for your business, with its affordable price tag and durable build, making it the ideal companion for any work task. Opting for its powerful V8 engine will deliver more strength to your ride, allowing it to tow up to 10,000 lbs when properly equipped, which comes in handy for businesses in the moving industry. Like the crowd favorite Express van, the Savana can also be equipped with features to make loading it up effortless, like a sliding side cargo door, swing-out passenger side door, and 60/40 split opening doors to ensure that no matter what you’re looking to carry inside, you’ll be able to fit it in with ease. As with any GMC model, you’ll find a perfect blend of style and function throughout, with comfortable bucket seats, an available leather-wrapped steering wheel, and a black rubberized-vinyl floor covering with plenty of tie-downs for added convenience.

Ram ProMaster Cargo Van & ProMaster City

Ram is another automaker that has commercial vehicles down to a science. Its large ProMaster Cargo Van and smaller ProMaster City offer companies exactly what they need in order to get the job done right. The larger ProMaster features top-of-the-line tech, like a standard backup camera and driver assistance features, especially in more recent models.

It also offers an exceptional payload capacity, multiple ways to configure it to suit your needs, plus outstanding visibility, made possible through the wide-angle view from its windshield. Opt for models from 2021 to enjoy some of the most advanced features, like crosswind-assist functions, which allow the ProMaster to stay on track in windy weather. If you want a van that’s decked out with tech and offers pleasing drivability and visibility, the ProMaster Cargo Van is a winner.

For those who are interested in something a little smaller, the ProMaster City may just be exactly what your work fleet needs. With best-in-class cargo volume in models like those from 2019, as well as excellent fuel economy and efficient use of its interior space, the ProMaster City is the perfect addition to your crew. Having multiple sizes to choose from allows you to find the right van for your needs, making these two options very popular with moving and delivery companies nationwide.

Nissan NV2500 Cargo Van & NV200

You won’t be disappointed when you have a Nissan NV in your fleet, and whether you’re searching for large or compact offerings, you’ll find them both in the Nissan commercial lineup. We recommend choosing models from 2021 to take advantage of new tech features, like built-in navigation to help you get to where you’re going more efficiently. Its 5.6L V8 engine allows the NV2500 to tow like a beast, which comes in handy when you need to be able to do more during your workday. Opting for its high roof model will deliver more space, which is helpful for those in the moving business and those who need to maneuver in and out of the back of their vehicle.

The smaller NV200 is undeniably efficient, as well as affordable, which appeals to many different types of businesses looking for great value. You get a lot for your money with the NV200, and depending on which year you choose, you’ll be able to take advantage of features like heated side-view mirrors, convenient steering wheel controls, a 12-volt power port, and more helpful features throughout.

Ford Transit Cargo Van & Transit Connect

Another brand that has multiple commercial van offerings is Ford, and we’ll start off with the larger option, the Transit cargo van. With plenty of helpful driver assistance features in models, like those from 2020 and newer, as well as outstanding handling and control, the Transit cargo van is one of the best in the business. A quiet cabin allows your delivery crew to ride around town without distractions, while ample space inside makes it easy to pack your van full of all the goods you’re selling, with enough room to stow everything safely. Available all-wheel drive capabilities add a level of confidence to your drive, especially when you’re attempting to navigate tricky road conditions, allowing you to remain on schedule with your daily drop-offs.

Like Ram and Nissan, Ford also offers its Transit van in a smaller offering, the Transit Connect. This easy to maneuver model is perfect for those frequently traveling in packed city streets, as it can fit in virtually any parking space and take on tight turns with precision. We recommend taking a closer look at models from 2020 to the present, as these models boast an arsenal of standard features, including rain-sensing wipers, automatic headlamps, and a host of driver assistance features to have your crew’s back on the road.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van

When you’re looking for added luxury and comfort, the Mercedes-Benz line of commercial vehicles won’t disappoint. Not only are they eye-catching and delightful, they’re incomparably functional and ready to take on the day’s tasks. The Sprinter cargo van showcases excellent interior space, as well as an available diesel engine and all-wheel drive capabilities to make your drive safer and more enjoyable. Features, like Attention Assist, available in newer models, help your drivers stay alert on the road, while a 360-degree camera comes to the rescue to provide unmatched visibility around your vehicle. A variety of upfits are also available to design the van you need for your business. Mercedes-Benz knows that no two businesses are alike, and you need a van that’s going to work perfectly for your unique needs.

Your Business Deserves to Thrive

Choosing any one of these exceptional commercial vehicles will allow you to accomplish more during your day, as well as take on tasks like a pro. Whether you’re seeking out spacious moving vans to help clients transition to a new home, or you need a van that’s outfitted to help you transport your company’s goods to your customers, choosing one of these vans will provide you with what you need. Remember, buying used will allow you to get the van that belongs in your commercial fleet for a price that won’t break the bank. So, stop by Richard Lucas Chevrolet and let our team help you maximize your business’ potential.

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