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A silver 2021 Silverado 3500 HD Chassis Cab is shown parked at a construction site after leaving a NJ commercial truck dealer.

There are many reasons why Chevrolet is one of the most trusted brands in the United States. In many ways, Chevrolet has come to symbolize the blue-collar working spirit of the average American–tough, uncompromising, determined, and an unshakable work ethic to accomplish anything they set out to do. For decades, the pickup has been the standard-bearer of the working class, and there’s a sizable debt of gratitude owed to its existence. However, there are some jobs that need heavy hitters and haulers. This is where the Chevy Silverado 3500 HD comes in. A truck that puts the “heavy” in heavy-duty, this is what the big boys use for tackling the dirty work. For those jobs that make people tremble, getting upfits for the 2021 Silverado 3500 HD Chassis Cab is as easy as visiting Richard Lucas Chevrolet, your NJ commercial truck dealer.

What Is a Chassis Cab? How Does it Work? 

As you’ve driven down the highway, you’ve most likely taken notice of what a normal pickup truck looks like, and if you drive one, you’re all too familiar with its shape and functions. A chassis cab is slightly different from the standard pickup design. A chassis cab is essentially a stripped-down pickup. While a normal pickup has a bed attached to the cab for cargo, a chassis cab is essentially bare in the back. Because the bare chassis is exposed, this allows a variety of customization and upfitting. While some upfits are used in construction for hauling debris and larger materials with the addition of large storage beds, other common uses for chassis cab are vehicles such as ambulances. Because of their versatility, chassis cabs are often used in the commercial sector, but they can also be outfitted for private use.

Advantages of the Silverado 3500 HD Chassis Cab 

So, what is the best chassis cab for your business? We recommend checking out the Silverado 3500 HD Chassis Cab. Like many other vehicles that are in the Chevrolet fleet, the Silverado 3500 HD Chassis Cab possesses award-winning performance that’s specifically tailored for the section of the working world that’s most difficult. Because these are big jobs, they need big engines, and Chevrolet has two offerings that are more than capable of going the extra mile.
6.6L V8 (Gasoline Powered): When you purchase a 3500 chassis cab, the standard engine that it comes with is a monstrous 6.6L V8 equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission. Big on performance with 401 horsepower and 464 lb-ft of torque, you’ll have no difficulty getting an honest day’s work accomplished.
6.6L Duramax Turbo-Diesel V8: Sometimes, the job is just big, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. That’s why the 3500 has an available dose of diesel power to come to your aid. The Duramax turbo-diesel cranks out 445 horsepower and an unbelievable 910 lb-ft of torque. When equipped with an available 10-speed automatic transmission and wide track rear axle, every job you undertake will be easy as pie.
The Silverado 3500 HD Chassis Cab also possesses a maximum GVWR of 14,000 lbs. This is the type of job performance that some can only dream of, but when you equip a 3500 chassis cab with the right additions, any job will seem easy.

What Are Some of Your Upfit Options? 

Aside from offering incredible service and an astounding inventory, Richard Lucas Chevrolet can also upfit your Silverado Chassis Cab. Whatever your business happens to be, we have the expertise to help you construct the ideal vehicle to maximize profits and top-rated performance.
  • Snowplow: Just because this is seasonal work doesn’t mean you can’t deliver the goods beyond expectation. We can equip your Silverado with a snowplow that will be great for tackling any winter weather that stands in between you and your work.
  • Utility Box: Whether you’re a foreman on a job site or a utility worker who makes sure the power stays on, attaching a utility box to a chassis cab will give you the ultimate work truck. Getting the necessary jobs done will be easier than ever, and with the extra storage you’ll have, you won’t need to worry about missing the right tool ever again.
  • Flatbed: The 3500 has a maximum payload capacity of 7,571 lbs. Think about that for a second–that’s over 3 tons of cargo that can be hauled from point a to point b, and on the weekends, point c. By placing a flatbed upfit to your 3500, you’ll be able to move mountains or any sort of cargo that needs to be relocated. Whether it’s cars, crates, or building materials, you’ll be covered for any situation.
  • Tow Truck: Because of the 3500’s incredible towing capacity, they’re perfectly suited to function as a tow truck. Whether you run a business that employs several or an independent contractor, any vehicle that encounters problems can be reduced or salvaged. And who says you have to stop at just cars and trucks? You’ll be able to tow RV’s, commercial and industrial equipment, and even mobile homes with no trouble whatsoever.
  • Dump Truck: If you work in the construction field, then you’re well aware of the amount of debris that gets cast off during a normal workday. Even when the job is finished and the final touches are being made, there’s a large amount of cleanup that has to take place. With both towing and payload capabilities that stretch beyond the average, you’ll be able to clear away the rubble or bring those final loads of gravel to lay down with ease.
Ambulance & Emergency Vehicles: One of the upfits for a 3500 HD Chassis Cab that you might not have thought of also happens to be one of the most important. Tasked with the job of carrying expensive medical equipment, arriving at the scene when needed at a quick pace, and transporting the injured to hospitals, the 3500 makes for the perfect ambulance or rescue vehicle.

Expanding Your Business With Richard Lucas Chevrolet

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the service industry, work construction, or provide essential services to the community you call home; Richard Lucas Chevrolet is available to assist you with taking your business to the next level. It’s amazing how much having the right kind of truck with the right upfit can help you get the job done. More than just upfitting your Silverado 3500 HD Chassis Cab with the right attachment, we can also attach partitions to make your work easier and custom graphics, so people know right away who you are and how serious you take your work.
When it comes to providing services for commercial businesses, we’re all-encompassing and dedicated to the high standard of quality that you’d expect from a Chevy dealer. From an inventory of new and pre-owned work vehicles to commercial and fleet sales, our dedication to helping you and your business succeed is our passion. When you hit the road in your upfitted Silverado 3500 HD, we want you to come back for maintenance, service, and parts. We want to keep your vehicle on the road and, above all else, help you succeed at getting the job done. Whatever your business, trust in us to help you find and care for a vehicle that will make all of the tough jobs easier than you thought possible.
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