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A dark blue 2019 Chevy Equinox is driving on a snowy suburban road after leaving a Staten Island used car dealer.

Staten Island residents know a thing or two about driving in bad weather. Between the rain (an average of 47-inches per year!), the snow (25 inches per year!), the sleet, and the occasional 50-degree day, the weather is frustratingly unpredictable. That’s why it’s essential to drive a vehicle that can perform in any condition. If you’re driving a less-than-stellar inclement weather performer, it’s a good reason to visit a Staten Island used car dealer to upgrade your ride to something a little more rugged.

Think of it as hedging your bet. After all, that convertible looks and feels great on a warm summer day, but in the middle of January, it’s not going to keep you warm and safe. Hey, if you have the means to keep a summer car separate from your dialer driver, more power to you! Unfortunately, most of us have to add a bit of practicality to the mix, so we are equipped for any driving weather. New York is famous for its brutal winters and four seasons of temperature ups and downs. Is what you’re driving the best fit for the climate?
If budget is a concern, consider buying used. There are great deals to be had in the used car market, especially when you take your business to a quality dealership like Richard Lucas Chevy. You’ll have access to the highest quality vehicles, all competitively priced and thoroughly inspected. Not only that, but you’ll find a one-stop-shop for purchasing, financing, and maintaining your car, a big plus down the road (no pun intended).
Is it time for you to reexamine what you drive? If your car can’t get you through the next blizzard, we say yes. Take a look at our recommendations for the best four-season rides and prepare to weather the weather with ease.
The Suburban
Who doesn’t love the iconic Chevy Suburban? Like its twin sibling, the Tahoe, the Suburban is four-season ready, with a range of features that support busy families while they’re on the go. Aside from its extremely roomy interior, complete with three rows of seating, the Suburban converts easily to provide well over 100 cubic feet of cargo space, a feature that’s always helpful.
First launched back in 1935 as a combination truck and station wagon, the Suburban has evolved into America’s favorite ‘land yacht,’ thanks to its extended length and girth. Currently, in its twelfth generation, the Suburban was recently overhauled with updated exterior lines and an even longer overall length. What doesn’t change, though, is its significant utility and potential for class-leading interior luxury.
When properly equipped, the Suburban transforms into an ultra-luxury traveling family room. With everything from heated and ventilated leather seats to rear-seat entertainment systems that keep the kids occupied on road trips or in traffic, the Suburban can potentially be equipped with some of the most over-the-top comfort and luxury features available. Just keep in mind that, while these features are undoubtedly comfy, they’re also expensive.
Luckily for used Suburban buyers, there are plenty of eleventh generation (2015-2020) models available at every price point. Though they’re not the most current version, they’re still full of advanced safety technology and connectivity features, like infotainment touchscreens, that today’s buyers want. Snag a used Suburban, and you and up to eight of your friends can comfortably traverse even the slickest Staten Island roads.
The Equinox
The Equinox is Chevy’s popular compact crossover SUV, and there’s a reason the company sells upwards of 300,000 of them every year. Its just-right size and distinctive good looks appeal to many buyers, as does the affordable price tag. The Equinox is relatively new to Chevy’s lineup. Introduced as a 2005 model, the Equinox is in its third generation, and the small SUV has grown consistently in popularity ever since.
Of the Equinox, Car and Driver reported that “its easy carlike handling combined with SUV-like seating height and practicality make it an appealing choice.” We agree, and we’d add that it’s a fuel-efficient option too. Chevy offers the compact Equinox in a handful of different trims, expanding the options range to appeal to budget buyers and those seeking a more luxurious ride.
More recent Equinox models are offered in a base L, and LS, and LT, and a top-of-the-line Premier trim. All-wheel drive is available, and we recommend it for four seasons driving confidence. Over the years, the Equinox has averaged about 30 MPG, a welcome feature to combat the sting of high gas prices. Buyers will love the expansive cargo area and roomy back seat, both features not usually seen on a compact-sized crossover.
We like the Equinox for its distinctive exterior styling that sets it apart from a sea of options in its category. We also like how Chevy offers it in many different colors, trims, and a multitude of equipment packages. This variety of options appeals to buyers looking to dial in everything they want without having to pay for what they don’t.
The Silverado 
Everyone loves Chevy’s lineup of full-size pickups. The Silverado brand conjures images of capable work trucks and reliable haulers. Those pictures don’t lie because the Silverado 1500 is all of those things and more. Most buyers don’t realize that the full-size pickup is a worthy addition to the busy family’s driveway. With expanded cabins and the addition of plus luxury features, like leather seating and a plethora of connected technology, the Silverado easily earns a spot in the family fleet.
We like the third-generation Silverado (2014-2019) as a sweet spot for used truck buyers, but it’s possible to get your hands on a newer fourth-gen too. Either way, Chevy has stacked the Silverado deck with a wide range of options, from powertrain to cab style, so you can dial in exactly what you need.
Owning a pickup truck is incredibly useful too. Suddenly, weekend trips to the home center aren’t fraught with concern over how to transport awkward supplies, and with seating for up to five, buyers aren’t shoehorned into small cabs with limited seating. Newer Silverado models are equipped with driver-assist safety systems, like lane-keeping alert and forward collision mitigation, and even earlier models are equipped with large infotainment touchscreens.
No one loves driving in bad weather, but you’ll significantly lessen the white-knuckle worry when you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle that can handle whatever Mother Nature throws at it. It helps when that vehicle is also comfortable and fun to drive. Chevy builds a whole fleet of fun-to-drive cars equipped with features to make challenging driving conditions just a little easier and safer.
Staten Island Drivers Choose Chevy
If you’re ready to make a change, consider looking at cars, trucks, and SUVs that offer all-weather capability. Because of Chevy’s multi-category offerings, with options ranging from compact crossovers to big, full-size pickups, buyers are sure to find a fit. Combine that range of choices with competitive financing and a one-stop-shop location for maintenance and service, and you’ll have a solution that’s not only easy but convenient as well.
We invite you to visit Richard Lucas Chevrolet and browse our expansive inventory of used and certified pre-owned vehicles. In just a few hours, you can swap out your underperforming ride for something more climate-friendly. Staten Island weather is unpredictable: drive a car that can tackle the day, no matter how unexpected the forecast.
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