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A close up shows the wheel of a 2023 Chevy Silverado EV after visiting a New Jersey electric car dealer.
When you think of the Chevrolet brand, what immediately comes to mind? Do you think of an American workhorse like the Silverado that’s reliable and rugged, capable, and comfortable? Chevrolet founders Louis Chevrolet and William C. Durant would certainly hope so after the two visionaries set out to make high-performance vehicles affordable for Americans. As your New Jersey electric car dealer, we’re here to tell you that there’s no greater embodiment of that vision than what Chevrolet has in the pipeline for the future of the Silverado.

General Motors announced its plans to build a zero-emission lineup and, as one of the conglomerate’s most popular brands, Chevrolet is undeniably on board. This means big things are in store for the Chevy lineup, and that starts with the upcoming Silverado EV, a truck that will continue Chevy’s legacy while blazing a new path to capability and freedom. This is what we can expect from the Silverado EV, along with a wish list of features many hope to see when the truck finally makes its debut.
It Will Shatter the Glass Ceiling 
While models like the Jeep Wrangler and the Ford Bronco are cornering the market by offering open-air driving via removable rooftops and doors, Chevrolet refuses to be left behind. The all-new electric Silverado will offer the first fixed-glass roof in the full-size truck segment. By replacing the standard roof with glass, the Silverado EV will deliver an expansive view of the world above, more headroom, and a unique driving experience for everyone in the cabin.
More Power Than Imaginable 
General Motors’ vision for a zero-emission future has led to widespread innovation throughout the industry as automakers rush to stay in the game. GM maintains its position at the helm of the segment thanks to its Ultium Platform that’s revolutionizing the range, flexibility, and power of EV models like the Silverado. So, what makes the Ultium Platform so special?
GM’s Ultium Platform is based on a pouch cell design that’s configurable to fit a variety of EVs, from models like the GMC Hummer EV to the Silverado EV. This makes the battery more cost-efficient for GM to use and, in turn, it makes EVs like the Silverado more affordable for customers. The modular platform also means a wider range of power and capability since the batteries can be stacked vertically or horizontally depending on the model and performance needs. This is why experts anticipate the Silverado EV will offer three electric powertrains that deliver as much as 1,000 horsepower and a 400-mile driving range.
More Capable Than Ever Before 
GM’s unique Ultium Platform is only one small glimpse into the company’s cutting-edge technology. We got another glimpse into this technology when Chevrolet unveiled the Silverado EV’s all-new Four-Wheel Steer chassis feature. The tool makes the Silverado EV more capable and agile than ever before by allowing the truck to steer all four wheels. This translates to improved handling and control at higher speeds as well as a tighter turning radius at lower speeds. It also means that the Silverado EV will be more than capable of trailering heavy loads with ease.
So Many Possibilities 
How good are you at keeping secrets? General Motors and Chevrolet are keeping a tight lid on details of the upcoming Silverado EV; however, that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from working overtime. Speculation is plentiful, especially with GM sporadically unveiling teasers to keep our interest and the chatter alive. As expected, this has led to a growing wish list of features that drivers would love to see on the upcoming Silverado EV, none of which are confirmed but many of which would certainly be exciting to see.
Adaptive Air Suspension with Extract Mode
The Silverado EV will be built at the same Factory ZERO plant as the GMC Hummer EV, which leads many to believe that the trucks could share similar features. One of those features is an Adaptive Air Suspension with the segment-leading Extract Mode. This feature will be available on the Hummer EV and allows you to raise the Hummer’s suspension up to 6 inches for better ground clearance. Ideal for off-road conditions, could the Silverado EV benefit from the same rugged capability that would ready it for the trail?
UltraVision Camera System 
The Silverado already leads the industry by offering 15 unique camera views, the most in the industry, across its 8-camera system. Could this technology get better on the Silverado EV? There’s a strong possibility when you look at the GMC Hummer EV and the all-new UltraVision system that offers the most camera views in the class at 18. The system is the equivalent of having a virtual spotter in the EV and makes traveling across harsh terrain easier by giving you a unique view under the vehicle.
Super Cruise 
The 2022 Silverado 1500 sees the addition of Super Cruise to its suite of features, which leads many to believe that the Silverado EV will also offer the hands-free driving tool. Currently, the system is compatible with over 200,000 miles of roadways throughout the United States and Canada. By the time the Silverado EV makes its debut, you can expect that number to grow even larger.
Frunk and MultiFlex Tailgate
Have you ever seen a truck with a trunk? The Silverado EV’s Ultium Platform means that the space under the hood that was once taken up by the Silverado’s diesel or gasoline engine is now completely vacant. Will Chevrolet make the space into a usable frunk on the Silverado EV? If so, this would extend the truck’s versatility and add to its functionality by offering a secure storage area with options for additional lighting or integrated power outlets.
The 2022 Silverado can be outfitted with Chevy’s MultiFlex Tailgate. The tailgate offers six unique functions that extend the functionality of the tailgate. The tailgate offers inner load stops that prevent items from sliding out of the bed, a work surface, and additional steps. These tools make it easier to access the bed of the truck whether you’re loading or unloading cargo and would certainly be a welcome addition to the Silverado EV.
And Now… We Wait! 
What would you like to see on the upcoming Silverado EV? Chevrolet promises to deliver an electric Silverado that sets a new benchmark for performance, capability, and efficiency, all of which we can already see coming together with GM’s Ultium Platform that promises upwards of 1,000 horsepower and a 400-mile range. But what else could Chevrolet have up its sleeve for the Silverado’s future?
While details are few and far between, it’s fun to speculate and daydream about the Silverado EV. Looking at models like the GMC Hummer EV might give us better insight into what the Silverado EV could offer and whether or not we’ll see tools like the Adaptive Air Suspension with Extract Mode or the UltraVision camera system with its class-leading 18 camera views. How would those features extend the capability of the Silverado EV? The possibilities are endless.
Whatever the case, one thing is for certain – the Silverado EV will pave the way to a zero-emission future. GM’s vision for a greener, all-electric future has already ignited fierce competition in the industry, and in turn, we’re seeing more cutting-edge technology and innovation. We expect nothing less from the Silverado EV that will undoubtedly continue the Silverado’s rich legacy in the industry, as well as Chevy’s vibrant heritage of delivering exceptional workhorses that can handle all the demands of the road.
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