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Selling your car is typically not the first thought that runs through your mind when you’re handed the keys to a new car, but it’s advised to consider this when buying a vehicle. After all, you’re eventually going to sell it, most likely trading it in for a newer model, and you want to be able to get the most money for it as possible. There are vehicles out there that hold their value better than the rest, which means choosing these vehicles will ensure that you’re able to get more when it’s time for a new car. Are you asking yourself, “Is it time to sell my car?” Then, having some of the following cars with great resale values will allow you to get more money to put toward your next ride.

#1. Subaru Forester – Compact SUV

There’s nothing quite like a Subaru, and when it comes to resale values, these models boast some of the highest in town. From standard all-wheel drive to an abundance of safety features, plus reliability like no other, it’s no surprise that this automaker takes the top spot on our list. With 96% of Subaru vehicles purchased within the last ten years still on the road, the level of assurance you get is unmatched. The Forester is a great choice due to its favorable size and rugged Subaru qualities. Drivers like its easy handling and confidence on any terrain, and if you have a Subaru in your driveway, rest assured you’ll be enjoying top dollar for your trade when you start shopping for a new vehicle.

#2. Chevy Corvette – Sports Car

The Corvette is an icon, and it always has been a legend in the automotive industry. It’s fast, intimidating, and the thrill that you’re able to enjoy in this performance vehicle is undeniable. If you’ve got a Corvette in your garage, many drivers would be willing to pay a pretty penny for this exhilarating machine. In fact, Kelley Blue Book recognizes it as being an exceptional value. Whether you have a newer model that showcases enhanced performance through its mid-engine location, or a classic, the Corvette will always fetch a high price due to its excellent reputation and history in the industry.

#3. Honda Civic – Compact Sedan

Honda is one of the top automakers in the business, offering vehicles that command high resale values due to impressive performance plus legendary Honda reliability. The Civic is pleasantly sized and energetic, with athletic features inside and out, a comfortable cabin space, and plenty of safety and driver assist tech to make any drive infinitely better. Perfect for commuters and those with a thirst for excitement in their ride, the Honda Civic has always been a crowd favorite, which is evident by its popularity with drivers everywhere.

#4. Toyota Sienna – Minivan

Like Honda, Toyota also showcases some of the top values in the industry, and if you’ve chosen the Toyota Sienna for your family’s travel needs, we have to commend you on a job well done. This minivan offers everything a family is looking for, including ample seating, loads of kid-friendly features, and abundant safety features to make for a secure ride anywhere you’re traveling. All-wheel drive capabilities are available to allow you to navigate inclement driving conditions with confidence, while new models sport a hybrid powertrain for enhanced efficiency. All in all, the Sienna is top-of-the-line when it comes to minivans, which means top values when you’re ready for a trade-in.

#5. GMC Yukon – Full-Size SUV

Another large hauler that’s perfect for families comes from the upscale GMC brand. The Yukon not only allows you to enjoy ultimate sophistication inside and out but also enough room to accommodate everyone and everything traveling with you. A nice selection of engines, plus loads of designer details, places this full-size offering at the head of the pack for those searching for an SUV that can do it all. Rest assured that if you’ve got a GMC Yukon that you’re interested in trading in, top resale values await for models in great condition.

#6. Toyota Tacoma – Midsize Truck

A classic for years, there’s no shortage of love for this Toyota staple. From the streets to the trails, the Tacoma solidifies its place on any type of journey; plus, with a work ethic like no other, more hard workers are choosing this easy-to-handle truck for all of their daily tasks. Toyota dependability radiates out of this beloved model, and if there’s a truck that can pretty much accomplish anything, it’s the Tacoma. Any Tacoma driver knows that they have a gem, which means that there’s always a willing buyer looking to harness these capabilities once you’re ready for a new model.

#7. Kia K5 – Midsize Sedan

The K5 replaced the Optima for the 2021 model year and hasn’t looked back since. You may have chosen it due to its alluring style, or maybe due to its lively performance. Either way, the K5 is a winner through and through, which means that it’s already highly sought after in the industry. Ideal for families, with ample space inside to accommodate all of their needs, as well as ultimately comfortable for everyday commuters, the K5 appeals to a vast array of drivers. Add to this the exceptional Kia warranty, and you’ve got one outstanding vehicle.

#8. Chevy Tahoe – Full-Size SUV

A J.D. Power winner for best resale value for a full-size SUV, the Tahoe is delightfully designed and ready to handle anything your day tosses your way. Three rows of seating, plus exceptional towing capabilities and smooth, agile ride qualities, allow the Tahoe to do it all. From hauling your family around town to embarking on an epic adventure, the versatility that resides in Tahoe is unparalleled. Strong, spacious, and stylish, the Tahoe essentially has everything drivers are looking for in a vehicle.

#9. GMC Sierra HD – Heavy-Duty Truck

When the day requires you to complete the toughest tasks around, opting for a heavy-duty truck is one of the best decisions you can make. If you have trusted your journey to the GMC Sierra HD, then you know the amount of power you can expect, as well as the level of confidence you can place in this truck. Like any GMC model, refinement reigns supreme with top-of-the-line appointments, especially in its opulent Denali trim. An abundance of strength is also a given in this job site favorite, with incredible towing and hauling capabilities, plus class-leading features, like best-in-class HD cargo volume and best-in-class legroom. The GMC Sierra HD is an all-around classic, commanding some of the highest resale values in the business.

#10. Lexus IS – Luxury Sedan

Finally, when your sights are set on luxury, perhaps no brand can capture your attention quite like Lexus, and its IS model is one of the best around. It’s the perfect car to enter into the world of luxury, and with its stylish design and dramatic ride, any journey in the Lexus IS is a high-end experience. It’s a great buy, offering everything you’re looking for in a luxury vehicle for a price that’s more affordable than most of its rivals. If you have a Lexus IS in your driveway, you’ll be looking forward to top values for your trade when the time comes to shop for a new model.

The MVPs of the Industry

Having any one of these top performers in your possession means that you’re able to take advantage of outstanding resale values, provided that you maintain the integrity of your vehicle. Whether you’re looking to sell your car now or sometime in the future, it’s important to be aware of what various vehicles are commanding in terms of price. Some models just don’t hold their value as well as others, so choosing wisely is always advised. Richard Lucas Chevrolet is ready to help you find a vehicle that holds its value among the best in the business, as well as offer you some of the top trade-in values in the industry. So, stop by and let’s work together for all of your vehicle needs.

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