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An orange 2023 Chevy Corvette Z06 is shown from the side on a cloudy day after visiting a Staten Island Chevy dealer.

Chevy has an amazing slate of upcoming vehicles, and every car enthusiast out there can’t wait to see what comes down the pipeline for some of the biggest brands under the Chevy label, including Corvette and Silverado. Many potential shoppers will likely want to visit a Staten Island Chevy dealer, aka Richard Lucas Chevrolet, once they finish reading some of the details about what we know and what we can expect from some of the biggest nameplates in the industry.

When it comes to Chevy model rumors and confirmed details about some of the most highly anticipated vehicles on the horizon, there are some things you need to know when it comes to what you should expect. We’ll actually dive deep into some of these rumors and a few of the confirmed details so you have an idea of how to temper your excitement or whether you should start letting that excitement go wild. We’ll start with the new Corvette models and cover a few details related to the all-new Silverado.
Where Did the C8 E-Ray Come From?
The Corvette E-Ray originated from a creative design direction that was set into motion more than half a decade ago. In fact, way back on December 15th, 2015, General Motors filed a couple of applications for the Corvette E-Ray trademark. So they were already intent on a hybrid design from many years ago. Since then, it’s been a matter of refining, altering, and upgrading the design to match consumer expectations and standards.
During that time, there have been small hints and guesses as to what the Corvette E-Ray would be or how it would fit into the ecosystem of the Corvette nameplate. But in 2020, the rumors kicked into overdrive as more spy photos emerged, and the talk about hybrid technology began sweeping the industry. Talk about GM’s plans to add more hybrid sports cars to their line-up swirled among critics and motor industry aficionados, but eventually, it all came to a head as more info began to spill out heading into 2021 eventually culminating in more solid details about the upcoming Corvette E-Ray.
Corvette C8 E-Ray Doesn’t Give Up the V8
Rumors at the start of the year seemed to hint that the new Corvette C8 is a little more electric than gas, with multiple electric motors powering the front of the vehicle and a V8 in the rear. For those worried that the Corvette would become like many other electric sports cars, doing away with the “vroom” “vroom” and going silent, you can rest assured that the powerful V8 has not gone anywhere. In fact, video footage has confirmed that you can still hear the very powerful 6.2-liter V8 LT2 in action during a test run.
The five-minute video gives us a very brief glimpse of a very covered-up Corvette C8 E-Ray. So, unfortunately, you don’t get to see exactly what new stylings are in store or how the E-Ray compares to the previous model year C8. Even still, the audio is quite clear, and we get to hear the audible rumble of the V8 getting into gear and coming off the corner with an exquisite amount of bass. The V8 LT2 is factored in at 495 horsepower with 470 pound-feet of torque, while the two electric motors are estimated to produce up to 100 horsepower on their own.
This confirms that the gasoline-powered powertrain hasn’t been extinguished in favor of the more hybrid-than-combustion setup. Some feared that the V8 would be an afterthought behind a more electric-centric powertrain, but that obviously isn’t the case. The Corvette C8 E-Ray will likely make use of the electric motors as a way to reduce fuel consumption and give the sports car some ample off-the-line, instantaneous torque. In fact, some hybrid vehicles have been utilizing that option lately, using electric motors for an extra kick-start from the instant torque.
The good news for the Corvette C8 is that the hybrid powertrain isn’t undermining the traditionally powerful V8. So, everyone who still wants to hear the Corvette flex its vocal muscles, you won’t be disappointed with the C8 E-Ray when it makes its way to the market. If the added hybrid technology helps buffer the combustion engine with better fuel economy, then it’s a win-win for everyone.
Coupe or Convertible? Your Choice
Another tidbit of information that might make the Corvette enthusiasts rather excited is the prospect of being able to drive the C8 E-Ray in a coupe or convertible format. This isn’t too surprising because many Corvette trims are available in coupe or convertible format, so it would only make sense that the C8 E-Ray gets the same treatment.
In fact, the E-Ray will also be available in widebody format, so you get that extra handling and aerodynamic control to make tight turns at blistering speeds. What’s more, you still have all the sportiness and accessibility to soaking in the sun while also being able to indulge in the benefits of a hybrid design. This, once again, makes the C8 E-Ray a best-of-both-worlds case and will likely make it a popular selection among sports car enthusiasts.
2023 Corvette Z06 Is the Next Corvette Supercar?
The Corvette is arguably one of the best sports cars to come out of the Chevy brand, but could the marque contend for supercar status with the new 2023 Corvette Z06? Well, according to some estimates, absolutely. There is already a bevy of content being produced surrounding rumors, predictions, and some morsels of information related to the Z06 even before the official unveiling.
Car culture enthusiasts believe that the Z06 can achieve supercar status, seeing as it is based on the grand touring C8.R platform with a 5.5-liter V8. It will be a decidedly more powerful outing for the Corvette compared to the E-Ray, aimed at a truly performance-centric audience. The big hook for the Z06 is the flat-plane crank that many enthusiasts have expressed excitement over, with some comparing it to other similar supercars, such as the Ferrari and Porsche.
A street version of the C8.R would definitely put the production version of the Corvette in supercar territory, especially with the right packaging and tuning. Given that the teaser for the Z06 centered around the idea of making the C8.R street-ready, it leaves little doubt that the Z06 will be a true next-generation Corvette supercar. Of course, only the benchmarks and real-world tests will be able to tell how well the Z06 holds up against some of the best sports cars in the category.
Silverado Updates and Delays
The 2022 Chevy Silverado is in a rather precarious situation. While the heavy-duty variant of the 2022 model year is out and about, the light-duty truck has seen delays due to a number of unplanned circumstances. This has led to reports of both the GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado light-duty trucks having a truncated 2022 model year run ahead of the 2023 model year refresh. What this means is that the 2022 model year Silverado will be more like a hold-me-over until the 2023 refresh.
On the upside, the Silverado is definitely still primed and ready to receive some big updates. They just won’t be coming as soon as some fans of the Chevy truck may have been expecting. Another upside is that we at least know that there are going to be some neat surprises for Silverado fans on the trim front, including an all-new Silverado ZR2, which has been prototyped and tested already. The ZR2 is the off-road variant of the Silverado, so expect some improved package options for the ZR2 when it comes to tackling off-road trails and dirt-laced roads.
A Silverado EV Right Around the Corner
The wait time for a generational refresh of the Chevy Silverado might be unbearable for some people, but it’s probably immeasurably exciting for others. The rumors about an all-electric Silverado have been swelling for some time, especially coming on the heels of competitors committing to all-electric light-duty trucks. GM showed that they aren’t far behind with the Hummer EV, but the Silverado will be the real highlight given that it’s designed to handle the workload of a full-size pickup.
A teaser revealed that the Silverado EV will feature four-wheel steering thanks to rear-wheel turning. Even if you’re not a big fan of electric vehicles, you still have to admit that four-wheel steering is a neat addition to the Silverado EV’s line-up in addition to the estimated 400-mile battery pack range. It certainly makes it a lot more distinct on the marketplace than some of its nearest rivals and is likely bound to be a popular choice. With all that being said, what are some of the features of the new-generation Silverado that have you excited? Let us know.
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