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A popular vehicle for New Jersey car sales, a dark blue 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 turbo, is shown driving down an empty highway.

Are you searching for a new car? Perhaps you’re leaning toward a used model, knowing that you’ll be able to get a better car with all the features you want without the colossal price tag. After all, new cars depreciate the most in the first few years of ownership, making buying used a popular choice for many attempting to find a dependable, stylish and safe vehicle to accompany them on their journeys. Here at Richard Lucas Chevrolet, our New Jersey used car sales superstars help many drivers find their perfect match when it comes to their next used car, and if you’re considering buying used, we have some recommendations for you. Come on a trip with us as we discover the top ten used cars, so when it’s time for you to make your decision, you choose wisely and get a reliable car that will make your travels safer and better.

1. Chevy Silverado 1500
We’ll start our list off with a sturdy pickup truck designed to amplify your ride, whether you’re trekking across town or working hard on the job site. The Silverado 1500 is well-known in the industry as being a tough truck, designed to haul more, tow more, and out-perform the competition. When you’re shopping for a pickup truck, and you’re looking for more power and enhanced performance, the Silverado is at the top of the list. We advise sticking to newer model years from 2014 or newer, as these trucks boast better fuel efficiency, as well as more technology and modern features that drivers love.
2. Subaru Outback
If you’re searching for a vehicle that really holds its value over time, perhaps no other brand does this quite like Subaru. Recognized as building some of the safest vehicles on the road, Subaru showcases a lineup that’s sure to impress. With standard all-wheel drive, fantastic safety features, and solid performance, the Subaru Outback is designed to take you to new places comfortably and securely. With its unmatched versatility, you just can’t go wrong with this strong and dependable SUV. More recent model years offer upgraded safety features, as well as a more comfortable cabin. When you’re searching for the ideal vehicle to transport your family to wherever you need to go, a Subaru simply outshines the rest.
3. Mazda3
Mazda is known to offer high-performance vehicles at surprisingly affordable prices, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with the Mazda3. Designed with style at the forefront, the Mazda3 showcases incredible performance and smooth handling, including an available six-speed manual transmission that caters to driving enthusiasts. Able to perform as a family car or a stylish commuter, the Mazda3 is a well-built, impeccably designed machine that consistently impresses fans. If you are interested in a newer used car, the 2019 model year redesign even introduced optional all-wheel drive. The Mazda3 is a great car, and if you want the best of both worlds, meaning an upscale design and stunning performance, you may not find it in any other vehicle like you will in the Mazda3.
4. Honda Civic
We’re sure you’re not surprised to find a Honda on this list, as the Honda brand is known to have some of the best performing, highest resale value vehicles on the market today. And if you’re looking for a sturdy and dependable sedan, the Honda Civic won’t let you down. Performance-based yet practical, the Civic is a tried and true favorite among drivers across the world, and if you’re on the lookout for a reliable and fun to drive vehicle, this is it. The current generation hit the market for 2016 and has all the latest technology and safety features to really get the most out of your ride.
5. Chevy Cruze
When you’re looking for impressive fuel economy, innovative technology, and a spacious cabin, the Chevy Cruze is a winner. Recognized as being an extremely efficient car with an affordable price tag, the Cruze not only delivers a smooth ride, it’s loaded with all the tech features you need to stay connected and focused on your journey. If you’re looking to take advantage of these features, we recommend choosing a car from 2016 and later. These models showcase the best performance, as well as more advanced infotainment and technology.
6. Jeep Wrangler
We’re showcasing all types of vehicles on this list, including some of the most adventurous travelers to roam the roads… and the trails. The Jeep Wrangler, known for its resilience, unparalleled off-road performance, and some of the best resale value in the industry, is a top pick for those searching for an off-road companion. Stick with newer models, and you’ll get to enjoy advanced technology, a more comfortable cabin, and even more capabilities out on the trails. If you’re looking to get off the path and discover new places, nothing can help you get there quite like the Wrangler.
7. Toyota Corolla
Now when there’s a Honda on the list, you’ll most certainly find a Toyota as well. Toyota typically tops the list when it comes to dependable vehicles, designed with safety, stability, and functionality in mind. With a rich history of reliability, efficiency, and high resale values, the Corolla is built to last, and if you want a vehicle that will be with you for the long haul, the Corolla aims to please. With excellent fuel efficiency and a comfortable interior, the Corolla won’t let you down, making it a top pick for many looking for an affordable car.
8. Chevy Bolt EV
Electric vehicles are making their way to the front of the line and the top of many lists due to their unbelievable efficiency and ample tech features. Used electric cars are also a particularly good buy because they have lower maintenance requirements than traditional vehicles and are more likely to be in good condition. Although the Bolt EV has only been on the market since 2017, it has been turning heads and impressing critics with its remarkable driving range, energetic acceleration, and surprisingly roomy cabin. Designed with maximum efficiency at its core, if you’re looking to try an electric car, you won’t be disappointed with the Bolt EV.
9. Honda Accord
Spacious, dependable, and cozy, the Honda Accord is among one of the best midsize family sedans in the industry. Marked by Honda’s impeccable track record of designing and building versatile and sturdy vehicles, if you’re searching for your next sedan, you can’t go wrong with the Accord. Having been around for decades, the Accord has just gotten better with every year. If you want to take advantage of all the newest tech offerings, choosing relatively newer model years is recommended; however, any model year is a top pick due to its extremely impressive reputation.
10. Chevy Equinox
Finally, for those looking for a compact crossover, the Chevy Equinox is ready to take you to new destinations with precision, comfort, and style. A cavernous interior, coupled with dynamic engine options, makes for a powerful yet agile ride, and if you’re accommodating more than your fair share of passengers or gear, this SUV is ready to handle it all. Its impressive reliability ratings, as well as its superior safety options, make the Equinox a sturdy SUV to have on all of your travels, no matter how far they take you.
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