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Some tasks are simply too much for regular, everyday vehicles to handle, and if you’re looking for the ultimate vehicle to have in your work fleet, you know that capabilities, size, and power matter. From dump trucks to box trucks, utility rigs to ambulances, rest assured that there’s a model available in the Chevy arsenal that will be perfect for your work fleet. When it comes to fleet sales in New Jersey, no dealership can compare to Richard Lucas Chevrolet, and when you want top-of-the-line vehicles for your company, we can help. After all, if you don’t have the right type of fleet standing behind you, your business is at risk, so be sure that you find exactly what you’re looking for to propel your company to success. That’s where the Chevrolet fleet comes in to save the day.

Top Towing Marks

Most business owners know that if you want a job done right, a Chevy won’t let you down. If you’re looking to pull heavy loads, there are no vehicles better equipped to handle this than the options in the Chevy inventory. For those searching for a pickup truck that can handle hulking materials, equipment for the job site, and anything else the workday entails, the Silverado 3500 HD boasts one of the most impressive towing ratings in its class. Able to tow up to 36,000 lbs when properly equipped, the Silverado 3500 HD is a must for any type of duty. Its 6.6L Turbo-Diesel V8 churns out immense power, with 445 horsepower pushing it forward and 910 lb-ft of torque to deliver the action-packed punch this machine needs to get the job done right the first time.

Profound Payload Capacity

It’s not always about what you can pull behind you, but instead what you can haul, and the options you have in the Chevy lineup take this seriously. Take the Low Cab Forward, for example, as it can accommodate up to 16,217 lbs of payload with ease. Whether you’re in need of a landscaping truck or a delivery truck, the Low Cab Forward showcases spectacular power and performance like no other. When your needs call for a work vehicle that can haul more than the rest, you’ll find that the Silverado Chassis Cab lineup is ready for any challenge. With a Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) of an astounding 37,000 lbs, you’ll be able to haul more and pull more than the competition.

Powertrain Possibilities

What really allows Chevy to stand out from the rest is the arsenal of powertrains available to maximize any work journey. From its top-performing diesel engines that offer outstanding power paired with unparalleled efficiency to its V8 gas engines that never back down from a challenge, you’ll be looking at unmatched power when shopping from the Chevy fleet inventory. In addition to immaculate capabilities and an engine lineup that impresses, models like the Silverado 4500, 5500, and 6500 Chassis Cabs showcase a 65-gallon fuel tank. This means more productivity and fewer stops at the pump when you’ve got a busy day ahead.

Unmatched Upfits

The Chevy work fleet is designed to appeal to any business, evident from all of the available upfits on its commercial models. Each work truck consists of a sturdy structure to be able to accommodate various upfits, including dump truck configurations, RVs, platforms, shuttle buses, service vehicles, and more. In addition to all of the incredible options to personalize your work fleet, you’ll also be able to work with a business fleet team to make the most out of your fleet of vehicles.

Cavernous Cabins

Being able to tackle your business’ tasks is one thing, but doing so in absolute comfort is on a whole other level, but that’s to be expected when you choose Chevy for your work fleet. Inside Chevy work vehicles, you’ll find spacious cabins with various configurations to accommodate your crew. Chevy commercial vehicles have a driver-centered cockpit with high seat positions and enhanced visibility, so that your team is able to stay safe and confident on the road and while completing tough tasks. Up to 13 auxiliary switches can be located inside, which come in handy when you need power for lights, tools, and more, while comfortable appointments allow you to enjoy any ride.

Trendsetting Tech

Technology has become so ingrained in our travels that it just makes sense that work vehicles need their fair share of tech too, but Chevy takes this to new levels. You’ll find some of the most innovative trailering tech in the industry in the Chevy fleet, with its HD models showcasing the segment-first Advanced Trailering System. This cutting-edge system provides access to pre-departure checklists, tire pressure monitoring, diagnostics, and much more. Other features like Trailer Sway Control, Auto Grade Braking, and Hill Start technology help you stay controlled on any journey. Enhanced camera views also place the Chevy work fleet at the top of the list, offering up to 15 camera views in many of its commercial vehicles, easily managed by an easy-to-use touchscreen.

You’ll also find that the Chevy fleet models offer helpful tech designed for maximum productivity in your day. From WiFi Hotspots to smartphone connectivity, your team will have an office on wheels, perfect for the daily grind. No matter what you set out to do in a day, the tech residing in these excellent models will be there to heighten the experience out on the road, on the jobsite, and anywhere in between.

Endless Extras

Now that you know that Chevy work vehicles are among the strongest around, with exceptional towing and payload ratings, an inventory of upfits that can’t be beat, and tons of tech to make the ride better, you’ll be happy to know that there’s more. Chevrolet sets itself apart from the competition, offering features not found in its rivals. Take its Multi-Flex Tailgate, for example, available in the Silverado and Silverado HD models. With the ability to configure six unique ways, you’re able to accommodate larger loads and have a work surface on the go, and much more. Its Durabed is among the strongest in the industry and offers best-in-class cargo volume, making the Silverado models the go-to options for businesses everywhere.

Silverado Chassis Cabs provide even more for the team, like an easily accessible battery box and a forward-tilting engine cover for effortless maneuverability and easy access when performing maintenance. Its Low Cab Forward model features 90-degree wide-open front doors for enhanced functionality, while a 31.5-ft turning radius makes it easy to maneuver through tight turns and crowded job sites. Chevy thinks of everything when it comes to your work fleet, so all you need to focus on is growing your business.

The Total Package

Whether it’s a utility truck or an accessibility van, dump truck, or snowplow, there’s something for every business in the Chevy commercial fleet. You want to be able to trust in the vehicles that make up your work fleet to get the job done and make it to appointments and jobsites promptly. When you want a level of dependability that you can trust, you’ll find it in Chevy’s fleet vehicles. If you’re shopping for your work fleet, stop by Richard Lucas Chevrolet and see how our fleet team can help your business thrive. We have a number of models that will add more value to your business so that you can accomplish more in the day and outperform your competitors.

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