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Shopping for a used car can be both fun and frustrating. You have so many options of makes and models, with each year of a vehicle offering new features and designs, not to mention the many trim levels every model produces, that it can be daunting. More often than not, buyers want to find the most reliable vehicle available when buying used, as used vehicle buyers are often seeking to save money on their vehicle purchase. When you head to your used car dealership in NJ, you may want to know which used cars will last the longest. The answer, according to recent studies, is SUVs.

When conducted research on which vehicles were most likely to reach 200,000 miles in 2020 and 2019, Toyota vehicles held the most rankings of any other brand. So, if you want to get shopping right away, you can’t go wrong with the Toyota brand. With that said, Chevy also made the list as a brand that is third-ranked for longest-lasting cars overall, and a Ford SUV was one of the longest-lasting vehicles in both 2019 and 2020. Here is a list of SUVs that are ranked according to reliability across the researched data provided by, for buyers who are shopping for vehicles they want to last for years to come.
#1 – Toyota Land Cruiser
Amongst all the data consulted for this list, the Toyota Land Cruiser hits the number one spot in every study. It’s well known for its incredibly rugged capability after decades of engineering that dates back to Japanese World War II models built to mimic the Jeeps produced by America. The Land Cruiser is truly made to dominate the terrain and was famously tested in the Australian Outback to ensure its capability can handle the most extreme environments the world has to offer.
Though it may be able to handle Mother Nature’s most challenging terrain, the three-row interior is luxurious with leather upholstery, rear-seat entertainment, and smart entry as just a few of the standard features to be found in one of Toyota’s longest-lasting vehicles. The Land Cruiser is engineered to last for 25 years, and it can be found in countries around the world as a vehicle made to carry people virtually anywhere.
#2 – Toyota Sequoia
The Toyota Sequoia was designed to compete with the Ford Expedition as Toyota’s first full-size SUV to be sold in America. Built on the same foundation as the Toyota Tundra, the Sequoia is a three-row truck-based SUV that offers much of the capability of a truck, like towing and hauling, while being able to transport up to eight passengers. The first Sequoia was produced in 2000 and utilized an upgraded multi-link suspension to improve ride quality over that of the Tundra. Even with its V8 engine, it was certified as a low-emission vehicle in its first year of production.
A used Sequoia can be purchased with either rear-wheel or four-wheel drive and may have heated and ventilated front seats, a JBL audio system, and built-in navigation. Standard features like keyless entry, seven-inch touchscreen, and powered accessories should be in any models found since 2008. For families in need of a vehicle that can tow a small trailer or boat, or drivers who just need to transport large groups across potentially tough terrain, the Sequoia can handle rugged driving while still managing to offer a comfortable interior.
#3 – Chevy Suburban
While the Toyota Land Cruiser and Sequoia deliver excellent off-road capability, the Chevy Suburban leans into the realm of road-oriented SUVs. Here we have another vehicle with a luxurious interior made to comfort passengers with amenities like available rear-seat entertainment, second-row captain’s chairs, and powered features across the board. Like the Sequoia, the Suburban was built to achieve better road manners than its truck platform would allow, adjusting the suspension for a more comfortable cabin.
Even though the Suburban may be used as a family vehicle in place of minivans, it still offers the capability of a truck with the strength to tow and haul, even offering advanced trailering technology in some of its more recent trailering packages. Of course, just because the suspension is built to feel better on the road doesn’t mean this SUV can’t go off-road; it has rugged roots, too. The Suburban is America’s oldest SUV and is the undisputed market leader.
#4 – Ford Expedition
The Ford Expedition takes its foundation from the Ford Bronco, which was its direct predecessor back in 1997, the first year Ford brought out its new three-row SUV. It shares many components with the uber-tough Ford F-150, which has held the top-selling slot for trucks for over 40 years. If you happen to find models dating back to 2006 or earlier, they could seat up to nine passengers. Since then, the max passenger capacity is eight, though more expensive models are fitted with second-row captain’s chairs and only seat only seven.
Though the Expedition is a favorite of families across the country, it is also utilized by law enforcement agencies and government officials, often being fitted with bullet-proof glass. Even in its earliest models, the Expedition offered an air suspension system that raised and lowered electronically, and through the years, it has come with powered accessories like running boards, liftgate, and folding seats. Like the previous SUVs on this list, the Expedition is a luxurious vehicle made for comfort on the road but has the capability of a truck for towing, hauling, and off-roading.
#5 – Toyota Highlander
For the final SUV on the list, the Toyota Highlander is the only vehicle included that’s known as a crossover. Simply put, the Highlander is not built on a truck platform. Instead, it utilizes the same platform as the Toyota Camry sedan, which gives the Highlander more car-like drivability. Even though it has three rows of seats, the Highlander is smaller than the other SUVs listed, and it can more readily park in city streets or tighter parking spaces in lots. Buyers will find the Highlander to be more affordable in pricing and is a much more road-oriented SUV with a smoother ride.
The Highlander can still handle rougher roads than most sedans with its optional all-wheel drive, though this SUV is generally a vehicle best suited to driving on roads, with its all-wheel drive option acting as security against inclement weather. Third-row seating can fold into the floor to offer more cargo space, and interior comforts like leather seats, rear-seat entertainment, and heated seats can be found on models going back to 2008. Mild towing capability is available for small trailers when the vehicle is equipped with a towing package, and hybrid powertrains are available for better fuel efficiency.
Reliable SUVs are a Good Buy
Maybe there’s a reason Americans consistently favor SUVs in the automobile market; with so many of the most reliable, longest-lasting vehicles falling in the SUV segment, it makes sense that we continue to buy them. SUVs simply offer so many options for buyers. From the ability to tackle bad weather or adverse driving conditions off-road to hauling large numbers of passengers or cargo, SUVs provide the widest range of capability of any vehicle on the market today.
Taking the power of trucks to tow and haul and adding the space to carry people like a minivan, the SUV is truly a perfect vehicle for traveling overland, especially with the luxurious accommodations they provide. Even with the lighter crossover SUVs, buyers still gain more capability than you find in most vehicles, and you can enjoy the benefit of spending less on gas than with the larger truck-based SUVs. No matter which SUV you choose, each of the used models listed here is known for its durability and has been award-winning in its own right.
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