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Everyone knows that nothing beats having the right tool for the job; no matter how experienced you are, if you don’t have the equipment you need, then nothing will get done. This includes the vehicle you drive while on the job or to get to a work site; the right truck can make all the difference. As you start looking for a great Chevy Silverado 3500 service truck, there are some very important things to remember to ensure you get everything you need. This is true when considering your truck and the kind of aftermarket options you want.

The Silverado 3500 is a great truck for handling a tough workload; the chassis cab version is particularly excellent for use as a service or utility truck. While GM doesn’t provide service bodies for their trucks, you have a number of excellent aftermarket companies available to you that design fantastic service bodies for the Silverado 3500. With so many options to choose from, it’s important to consider some important factors before you make any decisions.

What Should You Shop for First?

One of the simplest things that can trip people up when they start shopping for a great work truck is figuring out the order in which to buy things. If you already have a truck you need to use, it obviously makes sense to look for a service body that works for it. The opposite is true if you have an upfit you need to use with your next truck. Assuming you’re in a position to buy both things at the same time, however, your best choice is to actually shop for them simultaneously so you can make sure they work together perfectly.

This is the same advice we give to people looking for a truck to do a lot of towing or for attaching a camper shell onto. Since you need to be very aware of the weight limits involved with towing or putting an upfit onto a chassis cab model, shopping for both things at the same time makes a lot of sense. This allows you to figure out the best options in a service body to meet your needs and then pick a truck you know will work with it. This might involve doing some back-and-forth research or shopping, but the results are worth it.

Choosing the Right Service Body

You have many different service body options available for your next work truck, and here at Richard Lucas Chevrolet, we are ready to work with you to figure out the perfect one to meet your needs. That being said, we can also help with some tips and advice on shopping for the right one. You’ll need to figure out what you need in your service truck in terms of storage options and the equipment you need to bring along with you because that will inform all of your decisions as you look at different options.

There are different sizes of service bodies for work trucks, and the cab size you’re interested in for your truck will dictate the overall length of the body that can fit on it. In addition to this, you’ll find various configurations from different manufacturers. This lets you choose the number and size of compartments you need. You’ll also find options for low-profile bodies that leave your rearview unobstructed, as well as raised front models with a larger compartment for more storage but reduced visibility.

Once you start looking at your options for compartments, you’ll find service bodies with simple shelving in them and options for extending shelves that let you pack more small tools into a single area while keeping them organized and accessible. Other options to consider include roofing; you’ll find different roofs for the compartments themselves, as well as both open-bed and enclosed bodies depending on what you need to put in the back of your truck. Roof racks and side racks are also available, which are perfect for attaching ladders or long tools onto the top or side of your truck.

You should also consider the type of rear bumper you want to come with the service body, as straight bumpers and steps are both available. All of this will impact your truck’s overall functionality and the body you put on it, so it’s important to consider these factors carefully. It’s also important to consider the body’s overall weight and everything you want to load onto it. Your Silverado 3500 can only handle so much weight; steel service bodies are strong and durable, while aluminum bodies are built to last while also being lightweight.

Choosing the Right Chevy Silverado 3500

While any Chevy Silverado 3500 Chassis Cab model is already a fantastic choice for your next service truck, there are a few important things to consider. First and foremost, you’ll need to choose either a regular cab or crew cab, as well as pick between the standard 6.6L V8 gas engine or the available Duramax 6.6L V8 diesel engine. Both engines are excellent; while the 910 lb-ft of torque from the diesel option allows it to pull more weight, particularly while using a fifth-wheel hitch, it also weighs more, reducing your payload capacity. Since you likely won’t be doing any fifth-wheel towing with your service truck, the standard engine may be a better choice.

The differences in cab and engine choices can be pretty significant, particularly since they impact overall payload capacity. Every Silverado 3500 Chassis Cab has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 14,000 lbs; your choices then affect how much weight is already on it. With a regular cab and standard engine, you can get up to 7,571 lbs of payload available, while a crew cab and the available diesel engine can reduce that to just 5,751 lbs of maximum payload capacity. Similarly, your choice of a two or four-wheel drive system on your truck also affects its weight and maximum payload.

Your cab size will also affect the cab-to-axle length and how much room you have behind the cab for the service body you want. Manufacturers offer bodies in different lengths, so this isn’t a problem, but it illustrates why it’s so important to shop for both things at the same time. Similarly, you might find that some of the storage options available in the cab from Chevy will solve your problems, which can impact your choices for service body configurations. Chevy offers numerous packages and options on the Silverado 3500, including a Snow Plow Prep package and Convenience packages to provide you with impressive functionality and technology features so you can get the most from your truck.

Get the Most Out of Your Truck

You can see why it’s important to consider the right truck for your needs while also looking at the aftermarket service body that will work best for you. This is why it helps to have someone by your side while shopping, so you can consider every angle and all of your options without being overwhelmed by the information and choices available. Here at Richard Lucas Chevrolet, we love working with our commercial customers and helping you find excellent solutions to your problems so your business can thrive and succeed. Whether you need a truck to get you to a job site or you’re looking to build onto a fleet, we’re ready to help ensure you get the vehicle with everything you need.

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