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Whether it’s a want or a need, features like heated seats can make a cold morning a lot easier, while having a premium navigation system can make a long, tiring road trip less stressful. When shopping for used vehicles for sale, it’s easy to overlook certain features or write them off as unimportant; however, those little things often make us fall in love with our vehicles. You might not think you need that wifi hotspot, but once you see what a difference it can make when you’re out of the office and in the field, you realize how much easier things can be, and suddenly it goes from something you can do without to something you can’t live without.

We get it, sometimes extra little things are just fun, and maybe we don’t really need the added luxury of speakers built into our truck’s tailgate, but it sure can make work or play a little more fun sometimes. If you’ve never thought about your vehicle’s features, standard or otherwise, maybe it’s time you did. You never know a good thing until you don’t have it anymore. From heated leather seats for added comfort to a multi-functional tailgate that offers drivers more flexibility thanks to its six configurations, To make sure you don’t miss out when buying your next vehicle, we compiled a list of a few of the best features Chevy vehicles have to offer drivers.

The Multi-Flex Tailgate

If you’re a truck driver and haven’t invested in the Silverado’s available Multi-Flex Tailgate, then you don’t know what you’re missing. On the market since 2021, the Multi-Flex Tailgate offers drivers up to six different configurations to make their work day a little easier and their outdoor experience a little more fun. Use the inner gate for a multitude of things including a portable work surface for blueprints, drinks, laptops, or extra essentials. Or how about using the inner gate load stop for longer items? Hauling boards, fishing poles, camping gear, or other materials? The inner gate load stop prevents long or stacked cargo from sliding out of the back of the bed.

What about accessing your truck’s bed? If you’re tired of straining or worried about injury, the Multi-Flex Tailgate is here to help. The gate folds down into a full-width step that is capable of handling a weight capacity of up to 375 lbs. The inner gate also folds down, allowing drivers to get closer to the bed of the truck with less strain. And the primary gate? You can bet it’s ready when you are, thanks to its primary gate load stop, which again helps prevent things like lumber or long items from sliding out of the truck bed while driving. In case you don’t need anything fancy, the primary gate simply folds down like a classic truck tailgate with no fuss. Drivers can even get a Multi-Flex Tailgate with bonus extras like speakers! Enjoy the tailgate’s Kicker Sound System when you connect your phone via Bluetooth to bring along your favorite music while you work.

Lots of Cameras

Chevy’s are known for great safety features like backup cameras (which have been standard since 2016), plus cameras to help you keep an eye on your blind spot and even make trailering easier. You might not think you need all those cameras, but once you get that second set of eyes, we bet you’ll know what we’re talking about. Rear Vision lets drivers see directly what is behind them, which is helpful when parking or pulling out of a tight space. Pair this feature with safety systems like Rear Park Assist to receive audio and visual alerts if an object is detected.

One thing Chevy is known for is their best-selling Silverado truck, which is designed to handle trailering large items. If you’re one of those drivers who often find themselves towing and hauling then having the Silverado’s 15 different camera views is sure to help take some of the stress out of hooking up a trailer and getting it where it needs to go. There are four hitch views to help you back up and align your truck with your trailer. Six available driving views have you covered from every angle, including an inside trailer view. Last but not least, five available parking views give you an extra set of eyes from all sides and angles.

Warm Up on a Cold Day

Getting up in the dark on a chilly morning can be hard. Knowing you have to go out to the cold car can be even rougher. But when you opt for premium extras like heated front seats and a heated steering wheel, your morning just got a whole lot cozier. While Chevy briefly paused its heated steering wheel in the last few years because of a global chip shortage, drivers looking for these comfort features will be glad to know they are now available again.

Less Stressful Night Driving

If you’re like many people, you might not like or even avoid night driving. We don’t blame you, but Chevy’s IntelliBeam headlamps are available to make your night ride a little smoother. The IntelliBeam headlamps do what the name suggests; the advanced technology senses oncoming traffic and adjusts your lights accordingly, so you don’t have to worry about it and can focus on the road instead of the instrument panel.

If the system senses an approaching car, it will lower its beams, and after it’s all clear, it brightens back up to give you a clear view of the road ahead. Not just that but the IntelliBeam system senses light and dark, so if you often forget to switch your headlamps on, don’t worry; it has you covered. As the day dims, the lights will come on to brighten the road ahead of you.

Let Chevy Get You to Your Destination

All new Chevy models come equipped with the automaker’s high-tech infotainment system. While this system allows drivers to connect their smartphones and access apps and playlists, the infotainment system does much more. One feature you might think you don’t need is Chevy’s available In-Vehicle Navigation, but let us tell you if you get lost, or you’re on a long tiring road trip, knowing exactly where you’re going can save you time and stress. The Chevy Navigation system lets you personalize it with preferred routes, maps, or volume. The information is clearly displayed on your vehicle’s infotainment screen, making it easy to access and user-friendly when you need it the most.
Packed With Features to Make Your Time on the Road Easier

We’ve highlighted just a few of Chevy’s most premium features from its standard camera safety suite to make driving and trailering safe and simple to its advanced Multi-Flex Tailgate, ready to help you tackle your next job. But that’s not all; Chevy is a brand that is always reinventing itself and adding to its impressive list of standard and available features, all in an effort to deliver a premium personalized driving experience for drivers worldwide. There are plenty of extras and advanced features out there that you might not think you need, but we’re willing to bet once you level up and experience all the great tools that Chevy has to offer, it’ll be tough to go back to basics. Chevy knows that whether it’s a little extra comfort like soft heated leather seats or auto-dimming lights, it’s sometimes the little things that can really make a difference.

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