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Not all car dealers are alike. Case in point: if you’re googling “commercial vehicle dealer near me” trying to find a fleet sales expert, not just any Chevy dealer will do. Commercial buyers have unique needs. For starters, commercial vehicles, like vans and heavy-duty trucks, are judged less on their looks and more on utility. Whether it’s a freight company looking to add a delivery van to the fleet or a sole proprietor seeking their first truck for the job site, commercial buyers are different.

Automakers don’t win commercial buyers with stylish exteriors and luxury-filled cabins, especially when it comes to vans. The van body style works for many different businesses, not just freight companies. Consider hotel airport shuttle vans or even small school buses: these are common uses for commercial vans. To get the job done, they need commercial-grade finishes and durable powertrains.

Chevy’s Express Vans are the perfect blank canvas for commercial van buyers. Not only do they offer two of the most popular vans in the category, but Chevy offers the Express Van in two sizes and with multiple powertrain configurations, so commercial buyers can dial in the exact van they need. Here’s everything you need to know about the 2022 Chevy Express Van lineup.

Versatile Engine Lineup for Dialed-In Power

The Express Van lineup puts a priority on versatility because not every business has the same set of needs. Three powerful engines make up the powertrain options for Chevy’s popular Express Van: a 4.3-liter V6, a 6.6-liter V8, and a 2.8-liter four-cylinder diesel. Each engine offers its own set of benefits, so take a quick inventory of your business’s needs before you decide. It also makes sense to test drive each version to see for yourself how each engine does its job.

Maybe you’re seeking a fuel-efficient delivery van, or you need plenty of low-range torque to tow a trailer; whatever your unique needs, Chevy’s trio of powerful engines has you covered. Standard on the Express Van 2500 and 3500 is the 276 horsepower 4.3-liter V6. It delivers 298 lb-ft of torque for plenty of low-range acceleration capability. Upgrading to the 6.6-liter V8 increases horsepower and torque to 401 and 464 lb-ft, respectively, and unlocks the Express Van’s max 10,000-pound trailering capability.

Chevy’s dependable Duramax 2.8-liter Turbo-Diesel four-cylinder is an interesting choice for commercial van buyers. As the only diesel-powered engine in the lineup, it offers 181 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. Express Vans equipped with the Turbo-Diesel power plant can tow up to 7,000 pounds. Typically, diesel power means less fuel consumption, which translates into longer driving ranges. For that reason, the diesel engine is ideal for shuttle service companies.

Configurations for Every Business Need

Buying a van for commercial purposes is a world away from choosing a personal vehicle for everyday driving. It pays to work with a Richard Lucas Chevrolet commercial sales expert if your plans include buying a vehicle for work purposes. Commercial buyers come in several forms, from fleet buyers to rental car companies and even small businesses. Every commercial buyer comes with their own set of needs, so careful consideration is necessary before pulling the trigger.

The Express Van comes in two sizes: the 2500 and the 3500. The difference boils down to Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), with the 2500 at 8,600 pounds and the 3500 at 9,900 pounds. Translated into real-world examples, a 2500 has up to 3,280 pounds of max payload capacity and up to 2,550 pounds of passenger payload capacity; the 3500 increases those max capacity numbers to 4,280 pounds (cargo) and 3,540 pounds (passenger). Both models are available in regular or extended wheelbase body styles.

Upfitting your Express Van is easy regardless of the trade you practice. These configurable “blank slate” commercial vans aren’t just made for delivery companies and shuttle service providers: electricians, plumbers, and contractors also rely on Chevy’s van lineup for versatility and customization capability. Still, finding the right van with the correct GVWR isn’t easy to figure out on your own, which is why working with our commercial team is the best way to end up with all the capability you need.

Durable Components That Withstand Heavy Use

Chevy Express Vans feature standard commercial-grade components designed for heavy use. These include standard rear swing-out doors, hinged cargo doors, and an available sliding side cargo door for easy loading and unloading. If you’re shuttling passengers, consider the 12-passenger and 15-passenger configuration options as you decide your volume and individual business needs.

Shuttle drivers and delivery pros alike will feel more confident navigating congested city streets and tight parking spaces with the Express Van’s standard Rear Vision Camera. Add the optional Rear Park Assist feature and relax, knowing the system will alert you if the rear bumper is nearing an object or the bumper of another car. Your team of drivers will appreciate the optional cruise control and adjustable tilt steering wheel, and your risk management department will say yes to the available Side Blind Zone Alert system.

Chevy offers a multitude of customized packages for the most common van configurations, including a Hotel Shuttle Package, a Paratransit Package, and an Ambulance Package. Hotel owners opting for the factory-installed Hotel Shuttle Package receive deep-tinted glass, heated, power-adjustable outside mirrors, and rubberized vinyl black floor coverings. The Ambulance Package adds provisions for an auxiliary HVAC system, a high idle switch, and dual batteries, among other equipment designed for healthcare use.

Facilitating Van Life

The newest and most innovative commercial van application is the aftermarket Van Life outfitters. These pros combine their carpentry skills with a dash of interior design to create mobile van “homes” for adventure seekers. The #vanlife movement grows stronger every day, with intrepid couples and singles ditching traditional life and embarking on cross-country nomadic lifestyles.

Social media sites like Instagram and TikTok follow these travelers as they navigate national parks and Walmart parking lots, hunkering down inside an innocuous panel van that’s outfitted with wood plank flooring, quartz countertops, and even a working shower. As the lifestyle explodes in popularity, so does the demand for configurable commercial vans like the Chevy Express Van. Aside from home package delivery, no other business model has contributed more to the recent spike in commercial van sales.

The Best Way to Buy Your Commercial Van

The 2022 Chevy Express Van lineup is nothing if not versatile, which is why you might find the long list of configurations a little confusing. Whether this is your first commercial vehicle purchase or you’re an old hat at fleet management, aligning with a trusted commercial dealer like Richard Lucas Chevrolet takes the pressure off and minimizes the chance that you’ll end up with a van that isn’t quite what you needed.

Commercial sales professionals are experts at deciphering confusing commercial-grade specifications like GCWR, GVWR, payload and passenger capacity, and more. You may not be 100 percent certain which wheelbase length is necessary for your business or the options available for financing and leasing; that’s where our sales pros come in, with informed advice and suggestions that stretch your company’s dollar farther.

A telltale sign that your dealer is trained to support commercial buyers is the Chevy Business Elite designation. Our facility offers commercial buyers a dedicated representative, access to a fleet of loaner vehicles when yours is in for service, and extended service hours so you won’t waste valuable work hours keeping your fleet maintained. You also need a facility with the tools and know-how to upfit your rig with the equipment necessary for its intended use.

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