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Considering a new 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500, but prefer a custom package for off-roading? Rocky Ridge off-road trucks are one of Chevy’s partners for creating a custom off-road Silverado 1500 that will give your truck a unique appearance and a durable exterior that can take whatever nature wants to dish out on the trail. Only from Rocky Ridge, the Chevy Silverado K2 Edition can be ordered through participating Chevy dealers with a specialized set of upgrades to make the Silverado ready to tackle the backcountry. The K2 package includes serious hardware for off-roading, like 35-inch all-terrain tires, a six-inch lift, and a performance suspension system, all of which are covered by a warranty. Sound interesting? Let’s look at the specifics of what the K2 adds to the 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500.

Performance Upgrades

When you want to get out into the wilderness to have fun, you need to be able to trust your truck to handle the terrain. Rocky Ridge makes most of its parts in-house at its facility and customizes new trucks with upgraded equipment specific to off-roading. The six-inch suspension lift system includes upgraded steering knuckles, rear performance shocks, and front and rear cross members, all built to withstand the punishment of harsh conditions.

With the lift, Rocky Ridge adds brake caliper covers to stand out against the 20-inch wheels that come in either matte or gloss black in keeping with a modern, sporty appearance. For even more serious performance, 22-inch wheels are available to raise your game off-road. The custom wheels are then fitted with massive 35-inch BF Goodrich K02 all-terrain tires to power through the muck and mire. For a satisfying rumble when you hit the gas, Rocky Ridge adds a Gibson performance exhaust system with powder-coated exhaust tips that offer more protection from the elements.

Custom Exterior Appearance

Taking in the full scope of the Silverado K2 from the outside incorporates a lot of customized parts made to perform, and they look it. From the front, the K2 molded grille insert is fitted with a Baja Designs 20-inch LED light bar for stunning visibility, perfect for dark tree-shaded trails or for better lighting when you get caught out after the sun goes down. The grille comes in black in line with the sport appearance and matches the sharp wheel design. Fender flares from Rocky Ridge are color-matched to the Silverado for a smooth, seamless look, and powered side steps in black retract when you drive so they won’t interfere with performance on the trail. A windshield banner adds custom Rocky Ridge badging, along with badging on the doors, tailgate, and grille.

Specialized Interior Details

Your Chevy Silverado will come with all the features you order from the manufacturer, including the infotainment, climate controls, and seating, so when you hop inside your truck, it will still be a Chevy truck. Where Rocky Ridge adds custom touches is most noticeable in the gauge cluster, with a speedometer gauge calibrated to provide accurate speed readings regardless of how large you go with the wheels. The center console gains the security of a lockbox where valuables can be stored under lock and key to keep them safe behind the rugged metal that won’t be an easy target for break-ins when you aren’t there. Custom embroidered headrests feature the Rocky Ridge emblem to complete the attractive badging throughout.

Warranty and Safety

Rocky Ridge is a company that works with a number of manufacturers to provide buyers with customized packages for off-roading. Because Rocky Ridge is approved for building GM vehicle special editions, the original factory warranty for the Silverado will still be active when it is complete. Additional parts fitted to the Silverado K2 are covered by a separate warranty for three years or 36,000 miles, which includes anything added by Rocky Ridge. All parts—both factory original and custom—can be serviced by any participating GM dealer nationwide, so buyers can purchase a K2 without concern about voiding factory warranties or locating a mechanic of their own to service a Rocky Ridge truck.

Every truck equipped with Rocky Ridge parts is guaranteed to be FMVSS compliant, which means it adheres to the strict guidelines set by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards commission, a division of the NHTSA. With the purchase of the K2 Edition, every buyer gets a USB drive loaded with maintenance and care of the custom equipment from Rocky Ridge. This information provides you with everything you need to know to maintain the appearance, from proper cleaning to service details.

Financing Your K2

Like the warranty coverage, financing for a K2 special edition is just like any Chevy Silverado you purchase at a dealership. When you choose the K2 package, the dealership handles the financing, so you don’t have to worry about finding a lender. At the time of purchase, you simply add the K2 package to your Silverado 1500, and then all the costs of the upgrades are rolled into the financing, just like when you purchase straight from the factory.

Benefits of a Rocky Ridge Truck

Unlike trying to upfit your truck yourself, having a custom package installed by Rocky Ridge means you keep your warranty intact, and the finish is not only attractive but durable. Few mechanics who work on upfitting for off-roading have access to the quality parts available from Rocky Ridge, nor do they typically have a leading-edge installation facility to ensure the job is done right. Working on your truck can be fun, but removing parts can mean you destroy the integrity of the original build if it isn’t done properly. Off-roading is serious business, and Rocky Ridge takes care to install all equipment safely so you don’t have to worry about how your truck will perform on the trail.

Production and Special Orders

Timing for fitting each truck with the K2 package can vary depending on the availability of the necessary materials, but Rocky Ridge states that most trucks are customized and delivered within six to eight weeks after the stock truck is delivered to their facility. Once the truck is complete, you still have options for adding accessories or parts if you get your truck and decide to add more customization. Parts removed from the stock Silverado are handled by Rocky Ridge and are added as a credit to your purchase unless you wish to keep them. If so, you can provide shipping information, and Rocky Ridge will deliver the parts to you. If you need replacement parts for anything added by Rocky Ridge, the company works with you directly to help you get what you need.

Towing and Capability

Even with the six-inch lift and large wheels, Rocky Ridge upgrades will not affect the Silverado towing capability. The engine, bed size, and cab are the determining factors in towing capacity, so the manufacturer specs for the Silverado you send to Rocky Ridge for customizing will have the same specs when it is delivered to the dealership. If you’re used to towing a camper or equipment trailer when you off-road, the key is to choose the right equipment from Chevy when you order your Silverado. Each model year varies in engine choices, so you can always ask your dealer to assist you in choosing the engine you need unless you already know which engine is right for the capability you want for the trail.

Time to Order a New Truck

If you’re looking for an off-road-ready truck you don’t have to equip on your own time, the Rocky Ridge K2 could be the right fit. When you decide to buy your new Silverado, be sure to add the K2 package so you can enjoy the benefits of off-roading with a truck built to strict standards you can trust. You can’t have your truck retro-fitted with the K2 package, so be sure to let us know you want to order it when ordering your new truck from us. You don’t want to miss out on the chance to have a truck you can take right from the dealership to the trail.

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