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When discussing the advantages and attributes of the Chevy Silverado 1500, a lot of buyers are going to turn their attention to the areas that they use on a regular basis as the foundation for their decision-making. Topics such as performance, towing capacity, payload, and suspension are all popular talking points. One of the traits that has made Chevy the revered and popular manufacturer is the brand’s ability to think outside of the box in terms of innovation and design.

The Silverado 1500 is only one of Chevy’s vehicles with a host of cool features that will pique the interest of tech aficionados and gearheads alike. As your New Jersey truck dealer, we know all the ins and outs of the Silverado’s best features and are happy to share our knowledge with you. We want to change all those “things you didn’t know about the Silverado” to “things we all love about the Silverado.”

Super Cruise

One of the newest innovations from GM is Super Cruise. To merely describe it as “driver assistance” would undersell its quality and not give it nearly enough credit for just how advanced the technology is. This feature is more about autonomy and less about actual assistance. While flying cars are still a product relegated to science fiction, actual hands-free technology in the vehicles we own is now science fact. In simple terms, Super Cruise allows the driver to physically remove their hands from the wheel for lengthy stretches of highway driving. According to the National Highway & Traffic Safety Association, there are five different levels of autonomous vehicles, with the fifth reserved for fully automated methods of transportation. Super Cruise is classified in the second level, meaning that it’s semi-autonomous.

The technology is made possible using cameras, sensors, and data accumulated through GPS to steer, brake, and maintain a discernible speed during highway driving. The system has successfully mapped over 200,000 miles worth of highways in the continental United States and Canada for the ultimate in driving awareness. This technology was so advanced that people were singing its praises before it hit the market, and drivers who are getting it in their Chevy truck will be thankful for this tech on long drives down Route 9.

Teen Driver

Much like Super Cruise, Teen Driver is not exclusive to the Silverado 1500 but is standard on the entire Chevy fleet, meaning whether you get a Colorado or Silverado HD, you’ll have this feature. While you might have heard the feature discussed before, it’s truly one of the best technological innovations for the family-oriented consumer. Guiding the next generation of drivers through the important lessons of safe driving has long been a challenge for parents and a rite of passage for their children. Teen Driver works along the same lines as a report card, collecting data on various practices such as speed and collision warnings. You’ll also be able to mark preset limits on volume and MPH so your guidelines can still be in control even when you’re not present.


We’re all 21st-century digital people here. Technology plays a major part in our daily lives, and the Chevy Silverado is outfitted to be compatible with a variety of platforms that we use for communication and entertainment. Right from your infotainment screen, you’ll have the ability to access Google Maps, Google Play, and even Google Assistant. This means that you’ll never be too far away from a wealth of knowledge and information that’s accessible at the touch of a button. The days of carrying CDs and cassettes with you to provide entertainment on your commute have dissipated into memory, though there’s some admiration to be had for those who still collect physical media. The Silverado is also compatible with Android and Apple, so no matter what provider you use to connect your various streaming services, you’ll be able to hook yourself up.

Hitch Guidance & Hitch View

One of the many advantages that come with owning a pickup truck is the ability to move a considerable amount of freight and cargo from place to place. When the truck bed is full, and the backseats are too, you might want to consider renting a trailer (or maybe borrowing one) to allow you to finish the job in one go rather than make multiple trips.

While utilizing a trailer can be very advantageous and allow you to get an edge over your workload, there’s a catch. Towing a trailer requires caution and experience, and it’s not as simple as it looks. If you’re a novice and not the trailer type, one of the best tools you can utilize is Chevy’s Hitch Guidance & Hitch View. Connected with the truck’s rear vision camera, this will allow you to not only connect your Silverado to the trailer, but you’ll be able to keep an eye on your cargo when you decide to transport it.

We should advise you that trailering requires a careful and responsible driver behind the wheel. While these features can help you with connecting a trailer and making sure it stays that way—they don’t do the work for you. However, for those of you who have experienced the frustrations and challenges that can come from trailering, this tech will be a blessing to have.

Active Fuel Management

Imagine this; every morning, you go for a walk/jog that encompasses anywhere from two to three miles. In order to make sure you don’t wear yourself out, you pace yourself. You’ll pick up speed where it’s necessary and slow down when your body tells you it’s time to calm down a little. Active Fuel Management from GM works along the same lines to provide maximum efficiency whenever you’re in your Silverado 1500.

A concern for many people who drive higher-performance vehicles is the amount of fuel their vehicle consumes whenever they’re on the road. Active Fuel Consumption manages to correct this concern without hindering the performance that Silverado owners count upon. In situations where the full power of the engine isn’t necessary, cylinders in the engine will deactivate, preventing fuel from being used when it’s not necessary. GM engineer Jordan Lee once compared Active Fuel Management to the technological difference between an MP3 player to a cassette deck when he remarked, “more moving parts are not always better.” Considering the unpredictable nature of gas prices, Active Fuel Management is just another in the long line of technological innovations that are made to benefit the workers and consumers who depend on Chevy every day.

Stay Tuned-Up; There’s More to Arrive

You don’t need to be an industry insider to know that the automotive world changes on an almost monthly basis. Companies like Chevy are always trying to outdo one another in bringing the best and most exciting technology to the market as fast as possible. Some of the features we’ve chosen to highlight here are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what Chevy plans on accomplishing in the future and what they’ve already mastered so far. While it might be difficult to predict what Chevy will equip their fleet with next, there’s no denying that the Silverado 1500 will always exist on the cutting edge of technical innovation…and we can’t wait for what’s next.

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