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If you’ve recently begun hunting for your next Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Chevy, it can be hard to know where to look first. But by searching out a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle dealer like Richard Lucas Chevrolet, you can find a wide selection of affordable and quality cars. Our team can help you discover exactly what to look for when it comes to purchasing a CPO Equinox or any other great Certified Pre-Owned Chevy model.

What does it mean to shop Certified Pre-Owned? Getting a CPO vehicle means it’s typically only a few years old, often in “like new” condition with light use and low mileage, covered by manufacturer-backed warranties, and thoroughly inspected. A CPO vehicle is great for getting a reliable, like-new car that fits within your budget and is billed as reliable. So when you go for a Certified Pre-Owned Chevy, you know you’re getting value. Not just because you are shopping Certified Pre-Owned, but because you are choosing Chevy, one of the most reliable brands on the market. It’s a win-win.

Getting a high-quality vehicle at a good deal is something everyone likes. But with such a great brand like Chevy, choosing the right vehicle can be tough. The most popular model in Chevy’s large SUV lineup is the Chevy Equinox, a versatile and stylish compact SUV. The Equinox has been around for a long time, and there are lots of CPO models available. Here are some model years and features to look for when shopping for a CPO Equinox.

The Equinox 

The Chevy Equinox is one of those models that has gotten better and better with each generation. So which year to choose from? After three generations of improvements, how much better can this vehicle get from year to year? While every year brings drivers different options and facelifts, the Equinox is one of those models that continues to get better with each passing year.

Looking at the 2017 release of the Equinox, the SUV is known for its ample space and gives both drivers and passengers plenty of room to relax. To make the drive even more comfortable, Chevy added features like automatic climate control and a sunroof. But the 2017 Equinox isn’t just good looks. Chevy gave the vehicle an engine boost, allowing drivers to choose a more powerful V6 engine if they preferred. This gave the 2017 Equinox more versatility than many other compact SUV options.

The 2018 model was the start of the third generation of the Equinox. The new design and features for this year made it feel fresh and new, fitting its name. Chevy improved the Equinox, making the 2018 model one of the most dependable and favorite CPO options. The body was given a makeover with sleek, lean lines. This lighter body helped improve the performance of the three available engine choices, making the 2018 Equinox more efficient than its predecessors. The upgrades carried over to the interior as well, making the car feel like the best version of itself, richer and more sophisticated than ever.

While the SUV remained comfortable with plenty of space, drivers were given the added comfort of additional safety features. This included things like Blind-Spot Alert and Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, features that help take some of the stress out of driving and make owners feel more confident in heavy traffic or on busy highways. A unique feature available for the 2018 Equinox is Teen Driver. This feature allows parents to program things like vehicle speed limits for when their teen is behind the wheel. Parents can all access “report cards” that keep them up-to-date on their teen’s driving practices.

More Updates Every Year

The Equinox received plenty of upgrades once more in 2019. These included an enhanced infotainment system with HD rear vision and surround vision camera on a 7-inch or 8-inch touchscreen. Additional USB ports and available navigation rounded out the infotainment package for a more convenient time on the road. Chevy also upgraded the safety package to include more features on the standard model; things like IntelliBeam headlamps and Low Speed Forward Automatic Braking, among others, helped give drivers peace of mind.

The 2019 model also included some great add-on features like heated exterior side mirrors, a panoramic sunroof, and LED taillights. The ability for up to two drivers to save their preferred settings, like seat and mirror positions, helped add to that feeling of an intelligent and comfortable SUV that fit within a budget. The 2019 Equinox was all about connecting and staying connected, allowing drivers to seamlessly integrate their smartphones with their vehicles. And through the infotainment system, drivers could send and receive texts and calls without taking their hands off the wheel. Chevy also made available 4G Wi-Fi, giving the Equinox a reliable and strong signal, so drivers and their passengers could easily stay connected.

The 2021 model has been considered one of the best years for the Equinox, making it a great go-to choice for families that want reliability and function out of an SUV while still giving them the comfortable interior space along with the convenience of the latest technology. A CPO 2021 Equinox gives drivers excellent fuel economy, making it perfect for city or highway driving. Included for the 2021 model year is Chevy Safety Assist, a whole suite of the latest safety features offered by Chevy to assist drivers and help them navigate the roads when conditions become hectic and unpredictable. Great safety features like Forward Collision Alert and Automatic Emergency Braking, which can determine if an accident is likely and alert the driver, are available to keep you and your passengers safe.

Safety technology is only one of the great tech features on the 2021 Equinox. Plenty of the latest tech is available to help drivers and their passengers get connected and stay that way through the entirety of their drive. Chevy even paired with Amazon to give drivers the option of connecting to Alexa and having the virtual assistant integrated within their vehicle. The 2021 Equinox with Alexa makes it easier than ever before to connect to your Amazon account and make orders, add items to a shopping list, make or send calls, and connect with compatible in-home smart devices, all from the convenience of your Equinox. With so many options and features available, it’s easy to see the allure of a Certified Pre-Owned Chevy Equinox.

Never a Bad Choice 

When a prospective car buyer begins researching the market, whether a seasoned shopper or first-time buyer, the choices can be a little overwhelming. New, used, or Certified Pre-Owned? Which is better for your needs and lifestyle? Which brand to choose? Where should you start? There are plenty of things to ask yourself, but by narrowing it down to a dependable brand like Chevy, keeping your budget in mind, and understanding the difference between things like Certified Pre-Owned and used, you can make easy work of deciding where to go next.

A great brand like Chevy never fails to impress drivers with its great variety of Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. With so many great options, trims, editions, it’s only a matter of deciding if you’re in the market for an SUV, car, or truck. It is difficult to find a better overall daily driver than the best-selling Equinox, but you can never go wrong with any Chevy CPO model. With each CPO Chevy coming with a factory warranty, low mileage, and thorough inspection, buyers can be assured they are making the best possible choice for themselves and their wallets by shopping CPO here at Richard Lucas Chevrolet.

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