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Need a new family vehicle but don’t want a minivan? The refreshed design of the 2022 Chevy Traverse might be just what you need. With seating for up to eight passengers, expansive cargo space, and the capability to tow small trailers, this is a family vehicle with plenty of power and comfort for all the people you need to take on the road. Fuel efficiency for the 2022 Traverse is excellent for a midsize SUV, so you won’t have to worry about spending all your money at the pump. Chevy Safety Assist is a standard suite of driver-assist technology that keeps you and your family safe in every model of the Traverse, and tech for keeping busy while you travel is generous across all trims. Here at Richard Lucas Chevrolet, we are your NJ Chevy Traverse dealer with all the latest details on the 2022 Traverse. Let’s look at how the Traverse is the perfect family SUV.

Technology for the Whole Family


We know technology isn’t just for kids; adults love their smartphones, too. In the 2022 Traverse, Chevy makes using your smartphone, tablet, and even in-vehicle apps as easy as getting inside your SUV. Available wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto automatically connect your smartphone to the infotainment in much the same way as Bluetooth tech, but unlike Bluetooth, it allows you to access apps from your phone, so you can enjoy taking your favorite content everywhere you go. Spotify is now available through the infotainment system this year, so you can take your playlist on the road, and if you have an Amazon Alexa, you can link to your Traverse with the available Alexa built-in capability. Never miss an appointment or forget a shopping list with Alexa to give you a hand. Even better, program your route before you leave home so Alexa can guide you—navigation has never been easier!


If your passengers prefer to use their own devices instead of listening through the audio system in the Traverse, Chevy places USB ports in every row of seats to keep everyone’s devices charged. Built-in navigation is available to ensure you find your way, just in case you prefer not to rely on your smartphone or Alexa to guide you. Technology isn’t limited just to entertainment or navigation in the Traverse. A feature like the available Rear Camera Mirror can show you a clear view of what’s behind you, in addition to the standard rearview camera in the center stack. The available Safety Alert Seat pulses when the Traverse sensors pick up a situation that requires your attention so you can avoid an accident. For instance, if the system senses you are about to change lanes when a car is in your path, the Safety Alert Seat will pulse on the side of the seat where the danger lies, so you stay in your lane and stay safe.


Capability to Handle Rough Terrain


Because the 2022 Traverse is an SUV, you get the capability for handling adverse driving situations like snowy roads or rough terrain. Drive modes allow you to select the right mode for the terrain and are even more effective when the Traverse is equipped with all-wheel drive, which is available across all trims. For driving in slippery or wet conditions, turn on the all-wheel drive to gain the most traction available from the Traverse. When you encounter winter weather, use snow mode to adjust traction best suited to ice or snow that can make driving treacherous. In off-road mode, the rear wheels are given more power to gain traction when you leave the pavement, sending torque to the wheels that will get the most purchase and provide the best power.


Use tow/haul mode if you have your Traverse equipped with a trailering assembly so your Traverse can adjust the traction and stability control for towing your trailer. The 2022 Traverse is capable of towing up to 5,000 pounds with its powerful 3.5-liter V6 engine, which is enough to take along a small camper or boat when you go on vacation. To save on fuel, the Traverse can revert to front-wheel drive when you cruise on the highway, so you don’t waste energy on powering all four wheels when they’re not needed. In short, the 2022 Traverse is a family vehicle that can get you almost anywhere with its powerful capability, and choosing the right driving mode will help get you there more easily.


Safety Features Can Save Lives


A lot of literature about vehicles in today’s market talks about the driver-assist safety features that are now becoming standard equipment in most vehicles. While many people may like the idea of their SUV being able to prevent an accident, it’s not always understood how important these features already are in reducing accidents. Chevy makes its own suite of driver-assist technology as standard across all trims of the 2022 Traverse, and each of these features is capable of potentially preventing or reducing the severity of a potential accident. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, or IIHS, has published data about how important these safety features can be in saving lives and reducing insurance costs.


Features like Forward Collision Alert and Automatic Emergency Braking are included in Chevy Safety Assist, and both are considered part of the reduction of rear-end crashes in the US by as much as 27 percent, according to the IIHS. Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert is a feature available across all trims of the 2022 Traverse, a feature that includes blind-spot detection, which the IIHS states can “reduce lane-change crashes by 14 percent.” Another feature mentioned in the IIHS report discusses automatic braking for the rear of the vehicle as being one of the most effective preventions of accidents reported, and the Traverse has available Rear Pedestrian Alert and Rear Cross Traffic Alert to keep reducing those numbers even more.


Other features found as standard in the safety suite include Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure warning, another feature the IIHS praises for reducing accidents, and the Following Distance Indicator can warn you when you get too close to a vehicle ahead. Every Traverse can add OnStar services so you have immediate access to emergency service in the case that an accident can’t be prevented, and the system can automatically call for help if you aren’t responsive. Child safety locks, a LATCH system for safely belting child seats, and even Teen Driver for setting driving limits are all part of the vast array of safety features found in every 2022 Traverse, and the NHTSA awarded the Traverse a score of five out of five stars for overall safety.


A Traverse for Every Family


Updated styling for the 2022 Traverse gives it a whole new look for this year’s models, with modern updated LED headlights and taillights, sharp new wheel designs, and new colors to make your Traverse stand out in a crowd. For even more personality, Chevy offers special editions like the Midnight Edition or the Redline Edition to give your Traverse an edgy, sporty appeal. Choose from five available trim levels, starting with the entry-level LT and ranging up to the feature-laden High Country, to find the right model for your family. Pricing for the 2022 Chevy Traverse starts at an MSRP of $33,700,* and all trims have numerous options for adding packages or accessories to customize your SUV to suit the way you travel. If you value safety, comfort, and need space for a large family, the 2022 Traverse deserves a look. The surprisingly quiet interior and easy maneuverability may just win you over to driving a new Chevy Traverse!


*MSRP may change without notice. See dealer for complete details. 
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