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Powerful, hard-working commercial trucks, like the Chevy Express Cutaway and Silverado Chassis Cab models, are an incredible asset for a lot of businesses. These trucks can not only handle a ton of work that you need from them, but the customization options they allow mean you can get exactly what you need for your company. As your Chevy upfit dealer, we understand the importance of these vehicles and the upfit options available for them. That being said, we often see buyers who do not realize all of the upfit options available to them.

Today, we’re going to take you through some of the fantastic upfit choices that we have available here at Richard Lucas Chevrolet––as well as some that we can help you get through one of our partners. No matter what you’re looking for as an upfit for your truck, we’ll make sure you get exactly what you need for your business. These vehicles and options are not only incredibly important but also represent a pretty big investment in your business, so it’s vital that you choose the right model and upfit in order to see it pay off for many years to come.

#1 – Snowplow

One of the most important and popular options we offer is a snowplow that can be securely connected to the front of your truck. These are great for large and powerful commercial models, but they can also be attached to a lot of consumer-grade Chevy trucks, making them an excellent option for a wide range of businesses. We all know how important it is to have clear roads in the winter here in New Jersey––a snowplow lets you keep your worksite clear and take on additional jobs with a wide range of customers.

#2 – Utility Box

Utility boxes and bodies are used by a wide range of different industries and provide you with a tremendous amount of enclosed storage space. We offer different options for these boxes so that you can get the perfect combination of storage compartments with a large cargo area. No matter what you need for your work truck or trucks, we’ll help you find the right options and ensure you have everything you’re looking for.

#3 – Flatbed

If you need to be able to transport a lot of large materials, or small vehicles, nothing beats a flatbed upfit on your chassis cab or cutaway model. These are perfect for hauling long, large objects that can be securely strapped down, as well as for getting loaders or small excavators to a job site. Whether you need something with a ramp for getting a vehicle onto it or you’re looking for a flatbed primarily for cargo, we’ll help you find it.

#4 – Towing

Any truck can get some light towing done with a conventional hitch or even a fifth-wheel connection in the bed. If you need to be able to tow another vehicle, however, then a tow truck upfit on your vehicle can be the perfect solution. Whether you are starting a towing company, growing your fleet, or simply looking for new solutions to problems you often face, a commercial towing upfit can be a great choice.

#5 – Medical Options

For private companies in need of an ambulance or similar vehicle, a medical upfit is a great choice. This provides you with a large box for transporting passengers and those in the midst of a medical emergency, with plenty of interior storage for all of the supplies and equipment you need. From emergency vehicles to private options that provide services for major events, ambulance upfits are the perfect option.

#6 – Dump Trucks

Any truck works well for moving bags of sand or gravel, but things become a lot more complicated when you need to transport a ton of loose materials. That’s when a dump truck upfit is perfect, as it gives you a high-sided compartment for loading up with sand, dirt, gravel, or anything else. With the dump design, you can then quickly unload an entire truck full of materials faster and easier than doing it manually, saving you time and money.

#7 – Bucket Truck

If you need to be able to work on something that’s above what’s easily accessible with a ladder, then a bucket truck is a fantastic solution. From utility contractors to landscapers, particularly tree surgeons, a bucket truck is a fantastic solution. Other options include booms designed to lift heavy loads high up, so you can get them where you need them without endless hours of carrying individual items.

#8 – Roof and Side Racks

Simple upfits and accessories include racks that can be attached to the roof of your truck or box, as well as others designed to go on the sides. These racks give you attachments for ladders, long equipment and supplies, and other items you often need to take with you. The right racks can make it a lot easier to always have what you need at a job site, and they ensure your materials are safe and secured when you’re on the road.

#9 – Internal Storage

Whether you need to add to a different type of upfit or you simply can’t find something else that really works for you, there are lots of different storage options available out there. These include internal shelves, storage bins, racks, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. While some custom solutions are available, they’re often a lot more expensive than putting together a combination of upfit options that work perfectly to meet your needs. From sliding drawers to interior partitions that make it easy to keep your supplies organized, these options can even include lighting and outlets for your equipment.

#10 – Hanging Hooks

Hanging hooks are often overlooked for the kinds of options they provide you with interior storage and organization for your truck. These are typically provided with other options to put together a comprehensive solution for you, creating a customized upfit without the added expense that a lot of other businesses might charge you. Whether you need just a couple or a full suite of hooks at different levels to easily store what you require, these are inexpensive and simple to install.

#11 – Winches

Whether you need a vehicle for emergency rescue services, for big landscaping projects, or for a wide range of other tasks, winches can be literal lifesavers. A strong, powerful winch is essential for pulling other vehicles out of a bad situation and for clearing large rocks and tree stumps in a wide range of situations. Considering the tremendous amount of strain and pressure on these devices, however, it’s incredibly important that they’re installed properly and that you choose a winch that can handle the kinds of loads you expect to move.

#12 – Spray Tanks

If you need to be able to spray a large quantity of chemicals in a targeted location, then nothing beats a spray tank and spray nozzle for your project. You can find a wide range of tanks available in different sizes and volumes to meet your needs, as well as different nozzles that can provide you with high flow, high pressure, and even adjustable spray patterns. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ll work with you to help you find the perfect solution.

#13 – Custom Business Options

Looking for a custom graphic for your vehicle to advertise and showcase your business? Our partners can help you design a graphic, use something you already have, or create a solution to meet your needs and get it onto your vehicle quickly. If you already have a truck that you use every day, you might as well turn it into advertising on the go with a custom graphic to show off your business and everything you offer.

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